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Which thyroid test?


I'm wondering which blood test to have done to test my thyroid function.

I've had fatigue / anxiety/ poor sleeping / problems trying to put on weight or muscle (i'm very tall and slim) , constant sore throats, cold hands and feet for most of my adult life. (on and off). Recently it got worse, coupled with very low libido / some erectile dysfunction and brain fog and memory problems. MY GP ordered blood tests including testosterone, all of which came back "normal". The response was "come back in 6 months".

I then ordered my own, more exhaustive testosterone test from Medichecks which gave a high SHBG level (out of range) and a low free androgen index (right at the bottom of range). The notes accompanying the test suggested I get a thyroid check done. I've since read that high can SHBG / low free androgen can be a sign of Hyperthyroidism. (The GP only did a simple TSH test)

I'm just not sure which one to get.

There's this one:


or this one


or this one


(which I quite like as I can get a nurse to come round I gather and do the sample (I'm not terribly good with the finger prick tests).

I feel I have more of the symptoms of hypothyroidism than hyper except that I have a tendency to lose weight rather than gain it....although I gain fat round my belly very easily.

Any thoughts?

Happy to provide more info if needed.

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The Medichecks Ultravit or the Blue Horizon plus ELEVEN (NOT plus Ten). That way you get the full thyroid panel plus all important vitamins and minerals. The BH Plus Ten doesn't include Vit D

I think you can arrange a venous blood draw with Medichecks, check their website as it gives details, I don't have to do that as I can manage fingerprick tests quite easily.

That's great thanks so much! I hadn't spotted that with medichecks. That's brilliant. :-)

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