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Hashimotos and adaptogens

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Has anyone tried taking adaptogens? If so how was your experience?

I recently read in another group that adaptogens stimulate the immune system in some people with auto immune conditions and therefore shouldnt take them.

My functional med doc prescribed withania and echinacea. After taking them for a couple months I felt that my throat puff up and it has been challenging to swallow so I have stopped taking them today and have felt less pressure in my throat area. I did mention this to him previously and he said to cut down the dose for a bit. I should also mention thati had been taking these two adaptogens during the last labs that i posted (all medicine was taken after I go my labs done).

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Adaptogens are said to 'regularise' hormones - i.e. raise low hormones and decrease high hormones. In reality, they are far better at decreasing them than raising them!

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JennaShi in reply to greygoose

Seems like it for sure! Have you tried adaptogens?

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greygoose in reply to JennaShi

Yes. They didn't agree with me at all! I don't know what effect they had on my hormones, but they made me feel pretty ill.

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JennaShi in reply to greygoose

Sorry to hear that! Atleast you took the hint and stopped taking them. So sad how somethings seem so promising but end not being a good idea for some people😑.

I once wath this youtube video after feeling discouraged from trying some supplements that I had bought (1st time trying ashwaganda as well) and the guy “doctor” on you tube makes this remark about know you are auto immune if you have a bag full of supplements that arent helping you. Lol, i realize its not the case for everyone but I can so relate to that! And its probably a little more safer to get the nutrients from food anyway.

I tired Rhodiolla and Ginseng - did notice a bit of a short term boost only to feel very drained later.

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JennaShi in reply to HLAB35

Have you looked into th1 and th2? I have experienced similar reaction to ginseng and can't help but wonder if this is why?



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HLAB35 in reply to JennaShi

Thanks for the link, very interesting.

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JennaShi in reply to HLAB35

You’re welcome, I hope its helpful. I used to drink echinacea tea all the time and recently stopped eating seaweed and hadnt recently thought about certain foods nd such being a stimulator.

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