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Atkins Study

I know many of us with thyroid disease put weight on easily and are often looking for diet types that may help get rid....so just thought you may be interested to read this piece about the Atkins diet. You might wish to reconsider even if you have lost weight while following it...it doesn't look good !!!


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"The Atkins diet may raise the risk of fatal heart disease, according to a new study."

And being morbidly obese may have the same effect!

The Atkins Diet is not actually high-protein either.


Well it is though isn't it...unless you are talking about a different Atkins diet, from what I have read you are told to eat virtually no carbs but as much protein as you want...that equals high protein (a well as hugely unbalanced) in any language. If you are obese why would you choose a diet that while it might knock the weight off, may also be stacking up health issues. Surely better to go for balanced and include all the stuff we know to be good for us. Atkins is a fad.

Then what you have read is incorrect. What I am talking about is the Atkins diet as in his book, which I have read in its entirety. My diet is healthy and balanced with plenty of 'good stuff'. It enabled me to lose 4 stones. And it's not high-protein. Maybe you could try reading the book.


lol, then it cant be the Atkins diet.....which encourages you to eat a lot of protein. I read it years and years ago and it is not atall balanced...but glad to hear yours is. I merely posted a piece I thought people may be interested in.

The Atkin’s diet promotes fat over protein. So it’s not a high protein diet. I suggest you watch a film called The Magic Pill on Netflix. It’s about a group of people who went on a ketogenic diet and had hugely successful results with it.


Tbh I'm not that interested as I'm vegan but am aware a lot of people desperate to lose weight will do anything....I was merely sharing a piece a I stumbled upon. Those following this diet are going to be eating high amounts protein I would suggest. Blimey, all that fat too....everything we already know already about high fat being detrimental, yet people will still follow this diet...Madness.

In addition high carb is not the bad guy. Carbs are necessary.....and very good if from whole grains and unprocessed food...just not in huge quantities.

Anyway people can and will eat what they want !

A Simple Shopping List For The Atkins Diet

Meats: Beef, chicken, lamb, pork, bacon.

Fatty Fish: Salmon, trout, etc.

Shrimp and shellfish.


Dairy: Greek yogurt, heavy cream, butter, cheese.

Vegetables: Spinach, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, onions, etc.

Sounds like you’re a vegan trying to proselytise. ☺️ Some of the unhealthiest people I’ve known have been vegan. Still, each to his own, eh? I’ll carry on with my organic, free range, responsibly sourced fat and protein. Seems to me that vegans are becoming a tad radicalised in their zeal to stop others eating meat. 😘


No you are utterly wrong, as previously mentioned I thought others might be interested in a piece I found. Make no mistake I shant bother again. As I also said, others can eat what they want. You, btw, dont know me so you cant possibly claim I have an unhealthy diet or that I am 'radicalised'. That if I may say so is quite ridiculous and sounds somewhat defensive.

Hahaha. Who was talking about you? I was referring to vegans I’ve known personally. No one mentioned you. Tbh, I’m not really interested as I’m not a vegan. So, because I’m not interested, I wouldn’t bother putting up articles about how unhealthy a vegan diet can be. And the radicalisation was a reference to current news articles about threatening behaviour from vegan groups to butchers, farmers and abattoir workers.


Yummy shopping list. Nowt wrong with what’s on there. ☺️


For someone like me, who is sensitive to gluten, sugar, soy, and cream/milk, eating a normal and healthy diet is no longer a choice. All of those give me severe digestive problems that require corrective meds, even though I've never tested positive for Celiac, Lactose intolerance, Soy intolerance, or any kind of sugar problem. I go based on how I feel now that I have let them each go, one at a time. It took years for me to get to a point of feeling good almost every day. I thought my thyroid meds would solve the problems, but it actually took Keto to fix the digestive end. (Also good probiotics on a regular basis that I now no longer need)


So, here's the problem... you're both right, KINDA. LOL. Atkins diet has been INTERPRETED as low-carb, high protein for many years; however, that was where older accounts of how to do the diet correctly were misleading. YES, whether Atkins, Paleo, or Keto, the general principle of low-carb, high FAT is the same, and yet people still want to believe that most fats are linked to proteins---this is SOOOO not true. Your FATS are supposed to be majority HEALTHY fats, such as coconut and MCT oils, olive and avocado oils and mayos, avocados, most nuts, grass-fed beef, cheese, and butter... secondary fat choices do have protein attached (ie: bacon, ribeye, chicken skin). What people never understood about the Atkins diet in the early years, was that too much protein actually has an adverse affect, which is caused by glucogenesis and actually makes the body start burning proteins for fuel instead of fat, and this can include your own MUSCLE. It's not too difficult to derive the rest of the facts from there. Anyone looking into the Atkins diet needs the NEW books/guidelines, or simply research Ketogenic diet/lifestyle plan. And yes, watch that movie on Netflix. I found it a little over-dramatic, but certainly not boring. Definitely eye-opening, too!


Yes. I agree. I can’t work out why on earth people would link fat to protein. And the film was a tad dramatic. But, I guess for the people in it, the diet had made a dramatic improvement to their lives.


Well... it looks as though whateverhisnamewas has upped and left us. Perhaps overwhelmed with our superior knowledge :D


😂 I do get a bit fed up of the holier than thou attitude some vegans show. As if not eating animals somehow makes them healthier and morally superior. Not saying that the poster feels that way but I’ve known quite a few vegans who have exactly that attitude.

Also, it’s the idea that no one on a keto diet will have thought to do any research into the pros and cons of it... we’ll just blindly do it because we’re ‘desperate to lose weight so will do anything.’ Even the flipping news article they linked to was incorrect. Atkins is about healthy fats. Not high protein.


I was a good girl and held my tongue. 😂😂😂 my reply in my head would get me barred. And breathe, time for a fat coffee.



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