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Secondary adrenal insufficiency

Hello, I have a pituutiary tumour and absolute exhaustion and dizziness etc.

I had short syncathen test to check for SAI and results back as follows:

Basal cortisol at 9am - 271 nmol/l

cortisol after 30 mins- 488 nmol/l

However I am taking estrogen HRT and I thought estrogen makes your cortisol levels high?

my endo says this is fine. Please could anyone give their thoughts as to the results.

many thanks for any help

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Your base level cortisol at 9am is quite low, at that time of day it should be around 500. It is expected that your levels should double in 30 minutes which your hasn't. You are right in that osetrogen can affect cortisol levels. I'm not sure how your Endo can say that these results are fine! Are you on Hydrocortisone at all? Unfortunately many Endo have little experience of adrenal/pituitary issues. You need to ask for a referral to a unit that specialises in Adrenal insufficiency. If you are on Facebook then join the UK Addisons info & support group, you'll find people there with a lot of experience who can help you further.


Many thanks for your response. I am not on any hydrocortisone. I also disagree with the endo assessment that it is fine! I will look for the Facebook support group. Many thanks

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