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rheumatologist agree

I went to see a rheumatologist last week and straight away after few checks on reflexes and looking at me seeing my eyebrows are half gone he agreed I definitely need levothyroxine which own doctor wouldn't give as tsh was 5.9 and not 10. I have also been prescribed etoricoxib for pains does anyone else know anything on this medication.

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In other countries if TSH goes above 3+ with clinical symptoms you would be prescribed.

UK using 10, is disgraceful as people can be quite unwell with symptoms. Tick off your clinical symptoms and give to your GP. He is quite willing to give you an NSAIDS for pain, which is being caused by hypothyroidism but not prescribe thyroid hormones.


Tick off your symptoms and tell your GP the rheumatologist has said your pain is due to being hypothyroid. You can source your own levothyroxine if he wont and tell him so. Ask for a trial of levothyroxine at 50mcg. He has prescribed a product which states:-

"Your doctor will prescribe Arcoxia for you only after you have used other medicines for your condition and they have not been suitable for you".



Whereas for hypothyroidism you are prescribed a hormone replacement. Tell him does he want you to source your own levothyroxine as you might have to do so.



I thought you'd be interested in the following link. It is an archived one as Dr Lowe died through an accident. Go to the last question and answer on this page dated November 23, 2001:-



I have just read it s disgusting we are all fobbed off by our doctors it comes down to the expense if the drug but they are not in pain all time. The rheumatologist I saw agreed straight away and told my doctor to prescribe levothyroxine as my heart rate slow I had slow reflexes and he saw I had lost eyebrows and hair thinning too. The patient should definitely try another doctor and not be fobbed off with depression.


I don't know why the very, very 'basic' symptoms are completely unknown by the professionals and considering it is the thyroid hormone which drives our whole metabolism and without sufficient we cannot function.

Dr Skinner and Dr Peatfield were pursued by the authorities and it certainly wasn't their grateful patients who reported these two doctors for doing as they were trained as students. Nowadays everything is a print-out page with figures and ignoring patient who is hoping against hope that the person they are going to see can resolve their disabling symptoms. Unfortuntely these people don't know any at all or how to relieve them.

If we say we're not improving then the onus is put upon us with 'its nothing to do with the thyroid gland' or are you taking the doses. It is just a roundabout that the patient cannot get off, feeling well and energetic.

Thousands may be well. Thousands are unwell and we do know of suicide or thoughts of due to the person having nowhere to turn.

No-one seems to care that jobs are lost through inept diagnosing/medicating - marriages broken - the patient being called names due to not having energy and everything an effort. Heartbeat slow, temp low etc etc.


In you previous post with blood test results SeasideSusie asked if B12 results were active B12 test - what were the ranges.

No folate result either

Are you now self supplementing vitamin D? Your level was too low. Better You vitamin D mouth spray is good as avoids poor gut function. Aiming to improve to around 100nmol. Retesting twice yearly via vitamindtest.org.uk

Suggest you see a different GP as saying TSH needs to be over 10 is outdated thinking and very unhelpful

Low vitamin D causes joint and muscle pain


my b12 was 204 it dosent active. my foliate was 25.90. I have been taking vitamin d as that was insufficient. I have had letter to state th ey will start me on levothyroxine in few days. I am still in alot of pain mainly back of neck now need to wear collar or cracks all the time.


What are the ranges on the B12 and folate results?


the b12 was 204. <145 deficient and <145-250 insufficient the foliate was 25.90 (8.83-60.8).


Both are far far too low. Very common when hypothyroid, due to lower stomach acid

Do you have symptoms of low B12?


B12 is very low. Ask GP for full testing for Pernicious Anaemia. They may start B12 injections.

Loading doses of B12


If not then supplementing daily sublingual lozenges can be just as effective

Do not start supplementing folate or folic acid or any B complex before being fully tested and B12 should be started first

Oral may be as good as injections anyway


B12 generally


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thanks for answering me I will ask about testing for anemia. I am due to pick prescription up later for levothyroxine and etoricoxib so how i go with these I know it's not a quick fix. I really appreciate this group it is a godsend to us beginners keep up all the good work you all do.

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