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What side effects from TEVA Levo?

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I keep asking my pharmacy to give me any brand of Levo except for TEVA. It's on my record there. But last time I forgot to check when I collected them and my 50s were TEVA. My GP and pharmacy say that the GP can't stipulate a brand any more, now they've gone to electronic prescriptions.

I've taken the TEVA for 3 weeks, and feel very tired and achey the past few days - as if I have a virus.

What kind of side effects have people experienced from TEVA Levo? Or maybe I just have a virus!?!

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I experienced anger issues, on 50mcg of Teva Levothyroxine.

I was ratty and angry and bit everyone’s head off.

There has been endless posts about Teva side effects.

I collect my prescription from my GP and refuse to have it sent to one chemist electronically.

I then go around all the chemist checking what brand they have in stock and refuse Teva.

I’m a lot better since I swapped brands.

Best wishes


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TaraJR in reply to Peanut31

Thanks for this. I've been hot tired and achey. No more ratty than usual!! I asked not to have Teva as I know it can upset people, but also that I'm tweaking my Levo and T3 doses at the moment so I don't want any other change factored in. I suppose it could be some kind of virus ...

I take Liothyronine only and felt very unwell on Teva. I asked my doc to stipulate Mercury Pharma only on my prescription. The pharmacist got really snotty with me, told me they couldn’t get hold of Mercury Ph and said I was lucky to have any brand as it’s ‘a very expensive drug.’ I told her I was well aware of the cost and needed it to keep well and healthy. I told her that there are pennies difference in the price of Teva, Morningside and Mercury Ph. She rang a few days later and told me my Mercury Ph was ready and waiting to be picked up. My prescription comes through to the pharmacy electronically and I can see no reason why, if your doctor stipulates a certain brand, they can’t get it for you. Also, check the brand while you’re in the pharmacy. If it’s Teva, just hand it back and say you can’t take it.

I wouldn't accept that story re electronic prescriptions ~ sounds like a ploy to get rid of all the horrible Teva that most people have problems with!! I would try and kick up a fuss ~ assuming you can muster the energy after the Teva, that is😳.

Tell them you have had extremely debilitating symptoms and you're not ever taking it again. I unknowingly picked some up once ~ never again!😨they told me at the pharmacy 'that was all they could get'. I have trouble with all T4, but that one was pure poison😝

I think they've got a cheek forcing it on you tbh, and shows, once again, a total disregard for patients as individuals. I hope you get it sorted out🌻🐝x

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I pick up my physical prescription from GP practice. Even though prescription still states Levothyroxine MUST only be Mercury Pharma the large chains refuse to supply anything other than what's in stock

Find yourself a helpful and understanding small independent pharmacy. Even then, ALWAYS check the bag before leaving the store

Ask GP for new prescription for 50mcg and put in yellow card for Teva

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Karen154 in reply to SlowDragon

Hi, can I ask what the yellow card is as I've never heard of it before. Where would you get. I would also like to change from Teva.


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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Karen154

Just ask GP for new prescription or take Teva back to pharmacy saying brand upsets you and you have put in yellow card


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Karen154 in reply to SlowDragon

Many thanks for your this information. I'll checkout out.


I know exactly, what you are going through. I asked for regular, consistent brand.

Prescription drug toxicity led to my thyroid becoming overwhelmed (as stated in endo letter to GP, and experienced by me! Lol).

I recently saw an endocrinologist for the first time in over 25 years (GP always refused to refer. So, I had to change GP practice after 28 years). Endo is now trying to get a dose of levothyroxine right, so that my thyroid bloods stabilise again. (He knows Teva did not suit me previous occasions).

Needless to say, I'm now very wary of what/if I need prescription meds for anything!

So, in the last 4 months, I have been given, Mercury, Activas, Teva, and wait for it..... Bright Star!!!! Never had Bright Star before, that is definitely a new one on me!

Gp, practice nurse, and pharmacist, all get angry or dismissive, if I challenge the need for consistency.

What hope do we have in getting optimal health whilst the NHS system is still so dictatorial?

Like you, I am suffering aching everywhere.

Good luck.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Supul

Always pick up actual paper prescription and then ring/visit pharmacies until you get brand you need

Independent pharmacies are often most helpful

Ignore GP moaning.

Good Endo's know brands of Levothyroxine are not bio equivalent


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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Supul

Bright Star!!!!

Are you sure? NorthStar is Actavis levothyroxine repackaged in an outer branded NorthStar. This is a brand owned by Celesio - which own Lloyds pharmacies, AAH pharmaceutical distributors, and others.

The outer actually says that the product licence holder is Actavis. The blister pack is exactly the same as the Actavis product.

If the pharmacy suggested it was a different make, well, shows you can't trust them.

The UK make you have not mentioned is Wockhardt - but they only come in 25 microgram tablets.

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Supul in reply to helvella

Your probably right hellvella. It's been awhile, and I thought I had rechecked name before posting. However, I've been wrong many times, in my post thyroid crises life, so it wouldn't surprise me. Lol.

My new pharmacy is being very helpful because I suffered a rash from either pain relief meds or levo. I've noticed they are dispensing mercury for both 100 and 25 mcg now, and pain relief meds consistent brand too, I hope I haven't jinxed that! Lol

Thank you for advice. If things change its good advice.

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I can see a lot of you are having issues with Teva, and unhelpful pharmacies. I have named brand on my prescription which is Teva and my little local Boots always deliver, so I can recommend Boots. I want to make a plea. I don't know what this yellow carding is, but please just change brand if you are having issues, because for those of us with lactose intolerance Teva is a life saver. It is the only affordable lactose free brand. The only alternatives for us are german or US pills that cost upwards of £400 by the time they are imported to the UK or liquids at £60/month. Both of which we can't get funded on the NHS, at least not in deficit ridden London. I was literally at war with my doctor, and feeling very desperate and depressed until Teva released the new formulation. On it I feel fab, so please find a brand that suits you and leave Teva alone so it doesn't get delisted, because we, and there are lots of us, checkout the lactose free thyroxine blogs, WE NEED IT AS IT IS. Thank you!

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