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Hashimoto's and alcohol benefits!!

Hi all,my first time posting in the forum.

I have Hashimoto's with last TPO Ab of 785. My TSH and T4/T3 are now at the right end of the respective ranges on 75mcg Levo but all of my symptoms persist (fatigue,low temp,brain fog etc). I've eliminated dairy and recently gluten from my diet but not feeling any real difference.

One strange thing I have noticed is that,although I feel pretty grotty after a night of heavy drinking(alcohol), my AI/thyroid symptoms subside for the period I have a hangover. Obviously this is not a great solution to my issues but it's happened every time now over last 12 months so it can't just be a coincidence and I wonder what physiological process is going on.

Anyone here got any ideas or experienced similar?

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Not an ideal solution. Many with Hashimoto's struggle to tolerate little or any alcohol.

Have you had vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 levels tested?

Alcohol can deplete various B vitamins.



I'd be worried about the bad effects of heavy drinking myself.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm in the Army and occasional binge drinking is part of the lifestyle I suppose. I don't have any "issues" with drinking and can regularly go for months without a single drop.

My thyroid journey started 18 months ago. After a period of intense marathon training,I suddenly felt constantly fatigued and brain fog etc. GP said my TSH had been subclinical for a few years but not mentioned as no symptoms. They tested again and TSH was then 9 so they began Levo. I started on 100mcg but then 3 months later my tests showed I was overmedicated with TSH = >0.05, T4 = 32. I felt absolutely no different throughout all 3 months and Endo said he didn't think Thyroid was really causing my symptoms (but didn't suggest further investigating what might be!). I actually stopped taking Levo at that point as I'd seen no difference in symptoms anyway. I felt exactly the same for next 3 months (fatigued / heavy /head fog) but my TSH lept back up to 19 without the Levo. Saw another Endo who said I had to go back on at 50mcg so I agreed. I've since been upped to 75mcg and latest results were

TSH - 3.0

T4 - 16.1

T3 - 4.6

TPO Ab - 785

Endos have discharged me saying my levels are fine and so there's no more they can do for me,although all my original symptoms persist!

I find that short bursts of intense exercise help clear my head and energy levels for a few hours but then symptoms return. Tough to drag myself to gym though. I was,until 18 months ago, a competitive runner/triathlete but I've not been able to do any real distance since this all began. So fed up with constantly feeling heavy/tired and I still want to go out and do stuff so I've ruled out depression etc.

I did do 24hr cortisol saliva test and my levels were way off the chart all throughout the day. Don't feel like I'm particularly stressed about anything (job/relationships etc) but I'm beginning to wonder if some kind of chronic physiological stress response is at the root of my Hashimoto's?!?

Sorry to rant away here but the last 18 months have turned my life upside down and it's good to finally share the complex story with others with similar experiences and not an NHS Dr who barely listens to what you've got to tell them!!


When your FT4 was 32, it was nothing to do with your dose. You had what is called a 'Hashi's flare', where the dying cells of your thyroid dump their hormone into the blood, sending levels of FT4 and FT3 well over range, and therefore the TSH drops. But, it's only temporary. After a while, when the extra hormone has been excreted or used up, the levels will go down to hypo again - as we see in your results above - 3 is hypo. Unfortunately, GPs and endos know absolutely nothing about this and either pronounce us 'cured' or accuse us of secretly abusing our thyroid 'meds'. But, it's important that you know that that can happen. :(


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