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Please can I have advice on the results below members of Thyroid UK


I posted my last set of blood results and received great feedback that I could follow & try to put in place with GP. The attached shoes to me no range, says normal but my B12 was way low. I am on 125m of Levo and now supplement with B12 & B complex & selenium.

Thank you in advance. Harthill 42

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Seaside Susie Slow Dragon any advice on Harthill 42 post above

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Harthill42

It's not very helpful that they haven't put ranges and I don't understand why the parietal cell antibody test says positive but also normal no action.

These aren't tests that I have any knowledge of so I think it would be better to post your B12 information and appropriate results on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum as I think they will be better placed to help with these tests

Thank you, I thought it was just my ignorance. I shall take your advice & up date the forum.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Harthill42

Ask the PAS healthunlocked experts on

Gambit62 knows a lot about B12 problems

The above tests are for a specific cause of B12 deficiency, PA (an autoimmune disorder in which your body attacks the mechanism that allows you to absorb B12)

The negative on the IFA doesn't rule out PA as the cause as it isn't a particularly sensitive test and gives false negatives 40-60% of the time ... but your GP is unlikely to be aware of that

Unfortunately the other test, GPC isn't as specific as it could be and often picks up other substances in your blood that aren't antibodies so a positive isn't conclusive evidence that you do have PA. However, your result is negative - but again, this doesn't rule out PA as the cause of your deficiency.

More help, as others have said on the PAS forum

Harthill42 in reply to Gambit62

Thank you. My result was 212. The DR said this was normal as the range was from 200 to 500. To me this is borderline & isn’t this about how I feel?

Gambit62 in reply to Harthill42

the normal range is a statistical average and there will always be problems applying that to individuals - particularly as a single measure. Also, there is a margin of error on the test results which means that the same sample will give results that would average around one point but vary around that if tested several times - so being borderline is a questionable result and a second reading on your original sample could have come back in the deficient range. symptoms are important but please take a look at the PAS forum if you haven't done so already

Harthill42 in reply to Gambit62

Thank you so much for your support & guidance.

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