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The complexities of hashimotos and other conditions associated


I am 44. Have good sense if humour but can be ultra stubborn. Will not give up until my body forces me to. I have hashimotos disease. Then gastric reflux . Scheurmanns disease auto immune in back . Scoliosis end plate anterior wedding. Asthma. From my mid 30s. The condition picked up pace. Since then gained an illness .each year so far it's been cellulites venous insufficiency leg ulcers . Prorigo nodularis skin auto immune issue . Sores etc. Vitamin d and folic acid deficiency. Low iron stores. And final 2 high blood pressure. And low cortisol. But I just keep on plodding on. I take a lot of meds.

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Zaphy74, quite a few of the symptoms you describe could be caused by you being undertreated for Hashimoto’s. Do you know if you’re optimally treated?

How much levothyroxine do you take? Do you have any recent blood test results to share?

Zaphy74 in reply to Jazzw

As far as I know I have optimal treatment 400mcg. Yea very high dosage as body is not absorbing the meds properly. Levels not sure on numbers but I know that last reading thyroid was within normal parameters for 1st time in a year. My cortisol was very low. Vitamin d low. Folic acid low. Iron stores low.liver and kidneys normal. 're Iron stores I had hysterectomy in 2006. So don't bleed there now. But do have gastric issues tear to head of stomach.

Crikey you poor thing that is a long list to be dealing with. I have a friend who has prirgo nodularis. She has been struggling with. Hope your meds are helping you.

Zaphy74 in reply to Wattie88

They do help to a point . But prorigo is difficult to treat and quite a rare condition. It's a cross between steroids and antihistamines. And creams etc. I take fexofenadine 180mcg. For my skin some times more. Depends on flare really. And with prorigo it spreads. I look like a patchwork quilt. Does your friend have any other health issues.

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