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Taking NDT been on it for 2 months now only slight improvement I’ve got 2 bottles of Metavive Does anyone take it and feel much better ?

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Hi I’ve been on Nature Throid for two months now , I do feel so much better than on Levo ! I was wondering whether to switch over to Metavive I’ve got 2 full bottles as I feel better on grains not sure whether to increase to 2 grains of my NT and sick with it or try the Metavive?

I’ve not heard any real success stories on it and I have been concerned over supply and cost of NT .

I don’t want to undo all the good since starting the NDT I asked family and they say I’m much improved since stopping Levo no headaches or palpitations at all !

Any advice or thoughts please


Kazbe 😀

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When we take NDT, we can add a 1/4 tablet every two weeks taking note of temp/pulse until we feel symptom free. If either pulse/temp rises to high, reduce to previous dose.

Eight weeks isn't long enough to tell if it suits you.

Great news that you have begun to feel better on NT. So, why not stay on it for a few more months to find out. It is not clear what's your current dose and whether you've had any recent thyroid tests? An increase is usually done, if needed, based on symptoms and blood tests, 1/4 of a grain, at a time, every 7-10 days and until you reach 2 grains. Then you stop, wait for 8 weeks and test.

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Kazbe in reply to researcherUK

Thankyou for your response I thought that too I’m currently on 1 3/4 grain of NT so it’s still early days I’ve taken it very slowly , so il increase to 2 grains then hold and get tested ! I take it all in one go at 7am but I did find I sometimes get a headache so I might have 1 grain at 7am then one before lunch !

It’s all trial and error so il see how I go

no tests on the nhs not seeing Endo again until June , not even sure Ivan to see her after telling me to have counselling and take heart tablets for palpitations it’s obvious now it was Levo causing my problems !

She will run FT3 FT4 TSH so it might be useful to see what these results say !!!!

Take care

Kazbe 😀

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researcherUK in reply to Kazbe

Absolutely, it is all trial and error but also a big learning experience as you understand how your body responds.

Having the dose in one go is convenient as you don't have to leave 2 hrs after food and more if you are taking any minerals as supplements. Have you been drinking a full glass of water with the dose?

Thank goodness you are on the right track!

In addition to FT3, FT4 and TSH, try push to get both thyroid antibodies tested as well Vit D, B12, Folate and Ferritin.

Good luck and take care :-)

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