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Test Results - I don't feel overmedicated


Wonder if anyone can help interpret my results?

I am on 2 grains Naturethroid. The test was taken about 18 hours after my previous dose.

Symptoms - I have had some difficulty sleeping but I thought this was due to the start of a new job. Still seem to be gaining rather than losing weight.

I am gluten free and Vitamins are all good at last check.

My resting heart rate is around 68bpm (although this varies somewhat).

The doctor's comments suggest I am overmedicated and that I may be likely to develop osteoporosis if I continue with this dose.

Be grateful for your comments.

Thanks, as always


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You are not overmedicated! Your FT3 levels are not optimal (75% of the range is around 5.9) and perhaps you could benefit from a slight increase starting by adding another 1/4 grain and see how you feel.

Are you taking any selenium? A combination of a GF diet and 200 mcg/day of Selenium for 3-6 months help reduce antibodies.


Do I need to worry about my TSH level? Also, is osteoporosis a concern at any point? I will look at a slight increase I think because I was surprised my FT3 levels were still quite low.

thanks for replying.


You are welcome!

There are two contradicting views about suppressed TSH and osteoporosis.

I am on NDT, as well, and my TSH is suppressed because I only feel good when my FT3 levels are near the top of the range.

Try this link thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/TUK_PD...


As in everything, there is no totally satisfactory answer. Dont' worry about your TSH level. Perhaps, and it's a huge perhaps, you have a slight extra chance of getting OP from your dose. But do realise the onset of oesteoporosis NOT due to thyroid problems is about 4000 times more likely by non thyroidal reasons. It's a gamble. You want to be well over your remaining lifetime or you want to be not so well and avoid a small extra chance of OP. Your call.


Call me crazy, but I would rather risk a slightly greater chance of osteoporosis than the idea of living in hell the rest of my life. Just a thought. And there's no real EVIDENCE that it is true... it IS true of hyperthyroidism, but not necessarily due to being medicated properly and having a suppressed TSH.


Thanks. I agree but the only thing is that I am not sleeping well at all. Another night of racing thoughts and absolutely irrelevant thinking, meaning thoughts that make zero sense and I can't even track to where they may have come from. Could it be that after 2 years being at home, my brain has gone into overdrive and is adjusting to my new role? Or that I've had a slight flare up, plus the new job and as a result no sleep?

Be grateful for your thoughts.


You definitely are not overmedicated. Sleeplessness can, in my experience, be from flares and/or under medication as well. I am having some of the same right now, as a matter of fact. Pretty sure I'm having a flare, as I changed from Armour to Naturethroid a week ago, and I think my body got pissed off in the process... I digress. Your low T4 and less than happy T3 say you need more---you don't seem to have a conversion problem, though, so more T4 looks to be what you would need. I feel best when my TSH is at .01 and T4 is at mid-2/3 of range and T3 at 2/3-3/4 of range... Hope this helps.

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That's because you aren't overmedicated. If anything, you could do with a slight increase as free t3 is not optimal (better over 5.5).

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