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First signs of pregnancy


I’m probably getting a bit ahead of myself here but my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 2yrs, in that time I had my thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer.

It took a while to get my tablets / vitamins right and I’ve been feeling good for over a year now. When my thyroxine is too high, my hair fell out, when it was too low, my hair fell out.

I’m 4 days away from my period and my hair has started to fall out again, which I’ve noticed for the last 3 mornings. I’m just thinking that it could be a sign of pregnancy but was just wondering if anyone else has had similar?

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Many members have experienced thinning hair which is quite disturbing to many but it isn't necessarily connected to pregnancy.

In the meantime you might be interested in the following links:-

Hair is normally better during pregnancy, it's after the birth it falls out.

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