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Sorry have not been on the forum for a while have been feeling REALLY low and dont feel like doing much at all :(

Need to ask some advice, does anyone on here know anything about Cushings?

I have Hashi's am on 200mcg of Levo now and my Endo has kindly informed me that I have been diagnosed with anaemia plus she suspects I have adrenal issues.

I have recently done a 3 day 24hr urine test plus taken a steriod at 11pm one night to have my blood checked next day to see if I have it.

Looking at the symptoms I may have it but wondered if anyone could enlighten me about it personally?

Thanks in advance x

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Looks like no one does know very much :(

I know a tiny little bit. Cushings is the opposite of Addisons disease. Cushings is when your adrenal glands become extremely overactive.

Both of these are the extreme end of adrenal fatigue, which is common in thyroid patients.

The NHS only address these 2 extremes. If they find your levels aren't quite high enough to be Cushings, then you would probably benefit from self-treating them yourself, as you will probably get no other treatment.

This is probably quite rare for hypothyroid patients. Very occasionally people turn up on the forum with Addisons, but I don't think I've ever heard any member mention having Cushings.

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Thats ok! I did wonder weather many would know about it on here as I have tried to research it on HealthUnlocked without much success. But since then I have found a website that has proven useful:

Hi Woodelf, Yes I know a lot about Cushing's as I've had it! There are a few causes of Cushing's, one is long term use of steroids for another condition, a benign pituitary tumour or a benign adrenal tumour. You can also have it from an ectopic tumour somewhere else in your body but that it very rare. It isn't the extreme end of adrenal fatigue as adrenal fatigue isn't recognised by doctors as a condition. If you are on Facebook then there is a group called Cushing's UK which you can join to find out more about it. We can help you with all the symptoms for it. Happy to help more.

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Hi PaulineS and so sorry to hear you have had it! It must have been a nightmare for you - how did you feel when you had it? My metal status seems to change minute by minute at the moment from depressed to exhilaratingly happy to angry as well as being exhausted chubby face and chubby belly. I put on a stone and a half in under a year all of a sudden? And blood pressure has gone up too despite it being brilliant all my life (and I dont drink or smoke)? I am not a great fan of facebook but am a member so will take a look there thanks for all your advice x

I had lots of symptoms, I didn't put on as much weight as some people do but did gain 2 stone. I had problems sleeping, my BP was high, I had some facial hair, I didn't have stretch marks. My muscles became really weak & I had trouble walking, I've always been very active. I developed sleep apnoea, my emotions were all over the place, fatigue was really bad. It's not a fun condition & can take quite some time to get a diagnosis, you need to find an Endo who is conversant with the condition as many of them don't have a lot of experience with it. Shout if you want any more help.

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That is basically the same symptoms as me except I don't have sleep apnea but I get a lot of bouts of nausea before and after eating muscle pain particularly upper legs and knees. Am going to ask for my blood & urine results as the last blood test I had said 500 but didn't give any reference ranges. Do you know what these are or what this means please? oh and have joined the facebook cushings group too :D

What time of day was the blood cortisol taken, as cortisol levels vary throughout the day?

Ah it was 8.45 and it measured 553nmol/l :)

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