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First diagnosed with hyper then one month later hypo

On the 22 feb T4 level was 35.1 ( normal range being 7.5-21.1) thyroid function was below range <0.01 ( normal range 0.34 - 5.6) then after another blood test on the 19 March T4 below range at 2.1( 7.5-21.1) thyroid function above range at 31.97 (0.34-5.6) so I know I can’t second guess where it’s going to go next but does anyone now if it’s possible to go back to normal? And can anyone make sense of the above? I was on 15 mg cordonmazole and 2 x 40mg of propranolol then when they said it had flipped the other way I came off everything. Next blood test is in 2 weeks, it will be interesting to see where it is hopefully normal

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Hopefully, in two weeks, they will test your TPO antibodies, because that looks like Hashi's to me.

If it is Hashi's, levels could pass through 'normal' for a while, but basically you will be hypo, and levels will always go back to hypo.


Thank you I will read up on that


You're welcome. :)


Here are some definitions that may help. stopthethyroidmadness.com/t...


What was your stress level like during the period between your first and second test? When the body is stressed it is unable to make T3 as well as normal. I was recently hyper (after being hypo for 3 years) and then within the space of 6 weeks I became hypo.

Also estrogen dominance can impact your thyroid production.

Hope this info is helpful.

Also look into reverse T3 as once the T4 bucket is full the body will and can apply the handbrake hotmone.


My stress levels were fine I was feeling great but I was on the medication for overactive then I came off them because it went to underactive. Know I’m back to having headaches and feeling iratable and slight tremors but exsperiancing weght gain 🙁


Just to check, you were over active ( hyperthyroid) and you were then prescribed drugs to block the effect of thyroid hormones and to control the overactive symptoms. Whilst on these drugs you had the second set of bloods taken which showed they had over medicated you, so you then stopped all the drugs. It is not entirely clear from your post, but if that is what happened then it is likely you may have Graves’ disease, overactive thyroid which can go into remission, back to normal. For a small number of people this can be permanent but for the majority they go on to have subsequent over active episodes requiring medication.

You may also have hashimoto’s disease as grey goose suggested, this would be more likely if you weren’t on any drugs to block thyroid function when the second set of bloods were taken. Both diseases are diagnosed by thyroid antibodies, raised thyroid peroxidase for hashimoto’s and TRAb and TSI for Graves’ disease.

Both these diseases are autoimmune in origin.

Once you have more blood results please post so we can help. Good luck.


Good morning yeah sorry I was still on medication when I had the second lot of blood test thank you for your response


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