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End ros in North West UK


Hi Has anyone had a good experience with Dr Bangor Halifax Dr HowellP Preston Dr Robinson Salford and Dr Purewal Lverpool Was referred to Dr Bangor by GP but then collapsed low cortisol and too ill to travel Also referred to endro here Took months to get appoint and the bloke was beyond useless in every way no clue re cortisol and walked out re thyroid Was like talking to a boulder. Anyway am now prob going to try to get private appoint with Dr Bangor but scared of all docs due to lots of past issues. Need all the help and support l can get so any info on these docs helpful. Spent months getting all my vits etc optimal and feel like I have been beaten up by recent events. Lying down never leaving house. Defeated.

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Hello Maggimay.

I suffer Hypothyroid problems and diabetes. Some years ago I went for sugery at a private hospital in Leeds. It was picked up at pre surgery check that I was diabetic. I was unaware of this until then. I have suffered hypothyroid for many years and I undersand they can affect each other.

The Diabetic Doctor I saw for about six months after after diabetic diagnosis was so nice and a perfect gentleman who helped me alot.

I am now having general doctor/nurse problems about diabetes and thyroid so have arranged to see this doctor privately again in Leeds. The doctor is also a Diabetic Consultant and Thyroid Consultant. If you are interested and can traevl to Leeds I can pass you the details.

Maggimay in reply to Embeze

Hi Thanks for replying. So glad you got a decent doc who helped you. They are a rare breed I would very much like the name and details of the doc in Leeds and where in Leeds he works. If you have time to do it soon that would be great as I need to decide asap. Thanks so much.

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