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No thyroid - flat out

Just wondering if anyone else experiences the following? It would seem when I have some ailment brewing I am suddenly wiped out. I can't get out of bed, wracked with pain and no energy. Seems to last for about a day and a few days of feeling rough then I either get a cold or some minor illness ( to everyone without thyroid issues that is). I've just gone through it again starting with a water infection. It's just so difficult sometimes especially when you have children to deal with😞

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Have you considered having your adrenals checked. There is a strong connection between low thyroid and low adrenals. Some adrenal hormones assist in the conversion of T4 to T3.


Are you able to tell me what I need to test please. Is there a special test? Sorry I don't know anything about that. Are you able to point me in direction of some info? Thanks



For a full adrenal picture you need a 24 hour saliva test which tests both cortisol and DHEA. Medichecks and Blue Horizon both only test cortisol.

Look at Regenerus or Genova Diagnostics who do both tests and the results come in numerical form as well as a 'graph' so you can see whether or not you follow the normal curve. - they email results direct to you. - you have to use ThyroidUK as your 'practioner' as GD don't deal direct with the public. TUK emails the results when they have received them from GD.

Medichecks and BH normal price is £1 more expensive than Regenerus.

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The test I have used in the past is the "Cortisol Saliva test", which is collecting saliva at 4 different times in the day. This will show whether your adrenals are following the normal pattern of "high in the morning and then tapering off during the day with the lowest level at night". Just by chance there is an offer from Medichecks on this test today, look down the posts until you see "Thyroidthursday" posted about an hour ago. Click on the link and you will see the offer. If you have any difficulties please come back to me.


Thank you for your replied. What is DHEA? Do I just go to my Dr with results? If the results aren't normal what would happen then? Sorry I think I need to do some reading up. What's difference between doing just cortisol and cortisol and DHEA? Thank you


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