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My Nutri thyroid running out....help!

I always buy my medication in bulk to prevent running short. However, I have not been able to get any nutri thyroid for so long I am going to run out tomorrow. I usually get my tablets from Your Nutrition shop and the guy said he would let me know when they become available (he expected them early Jan). I think I read on this forum that the tablets are not getting through customs at the moment. I can't seem to find that post again. Anyone know if there is any to be had anywhere or if there is other medication makes that I could take that are the same formulation, please?

Thanks for reading and any advice you may be able to give x

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I empathise - like you, I'm running out of supplies fast so very soon I won't have any tablets left at all, so I phoned Nutri Advanced a few days ago and was told they should be available end of Feb/beginning of March.

I mentioned it to my naturopath who stated:

'The Nutri Thyroid is temporarily out of stock. Unlike thyroxine the thyroid glandular has a long acting effect and will not be missed for several weeks. I suggest that you reduce your dosage to cover the next four weeks.'

I have to admit that I was a little concerned about this - if it won't be missed for several weeks, then why am I taking three a day?

Perhaps you could also call Nutri Advanced (01663 718850) and see if the info has changed?

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Thank you for your reply. I rang nutri this morning who told me to speak to my doctor. I have just left a message for Dr Peatfield so will see what he advised. Like you, I am so worried about going without and I'm considering using thyroxin again. Haven't used this for years so quite concerned. It's so difficult when you self medicate! If I hear anything useful, I will let you know x


Thank you Rosebud. I don't have hypothyroidism as all results are always in range, so to conventional medics I'm euthyroid, but the natropath thinks I have suboptimal levels so has put me on nutri thyroid.

Given this scenario, I wouldn't be a candidate for thyroxin. Having said that, I would still be interested in what Dr P says as the natropath suggests that nutri thyroid sustains the hormone levels longer than thyroxin.


Dr Peatfield recommended Metavive 1 when I spoke to him last week. Have ordered it and have just started it so will see how we go!

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i think it was my post you are referring to. I am in the same situation as you, and have now stopped taking any medication as I have run out of nutri thyroid. I phoned nutri advanced about a month ago and was told it was held in US customs and they couldn't say when it would be available.

I am now struggling with tiredness again and having to lie down in the day, finding it difficult to do my usual exercise and have shooting pains in my hand and feet again. Im quite down about it all and now live abroad which makes delivery difficult.

I would be grateful for any suggestions, I am hopeful to find an endocrinologist here that will be more accommodating than at home, but it is difficult when you have no energy.


After speaking to Doctor Peatfield last week, he recommends using matavive 1. Just ordered it and started on it so will see how I go!


Thanks rosebud, I've looked into matavive, not heard of them before. I'd prefer to take the bovine one as may be easier to get into UAE, but it is a greater strength than the porcine one. Did dr P mention the bovine one at all? Wondering whether I should take a half dose to begin with.


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