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Need to add t3 told gp about 20 yrs ago that I thought I was a bad converter but all she said was that T 3 was not an option

After paying for private blood tests and reading reports on this forum I now know I need T3 more than ever .I know I will have to buy privately but I do need a website I can trust .just got a private prescription on line for levothyroxine 50 which were sent from Moscow with no invoice but I don't know whether i should use them as I don't speak Russian any help with trusted site would be really helpful

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I will close your post for comments on the forum as no information of where to source thyroid hormones are permitted. Members who have knowledge will send you a Private Message and you will see a red 'bubble' appea at the top of the page on the left hand side. Click and it will take you to messages.

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