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Can anyone help me please? My husband has been on a diet for nearly three months and has only lost 1.5lbs. I’m sure that it’s his Thyroid but being a bloke he won’t listen. He’s not on any medication as yet. I know this disease affects us all in different ways but has anyone else had a problem losing weight whilst being on a diet? Thank you.

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Yes yes yes

I was walking my dogs for two hours a day eating healthy went back to my doctors six weeks later only to find out I lost a pound. I have had a thyroid op in Sept where they have taken out almost all of it. Since then my weight has been going up. Having a cross trainer delivered Tuesday see if this helps. Very disappointed as I thought once I had the operation that I would lose weight so now it's affecting my joints shoulder blades ankles and knees because of weight gain and now my doctors looking at me having a gastric band fitted when I see that as nonsense because I'm on a healthy diet so if I have to gastric band on and I'm on a healthy diet then obviously it's the thyroid.. very depressing

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It sounds as though you are not being medicated properly. Make your own thread and post your latest thyroid test results and include background information and what dose of Levo you are on.


As I said in my post it isn’t myself it’s my husband he’s not on any medication.

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Yes I understand that as my reply to you did say "Has HE had a thyroid function tests". My reply above was to Cristalbishop - I quoted her name at the beginning of my reply.


When my son was 3 days old my neck became huge. 3 doctors came home to see me. There were 2 midwife 2 health visitors. It was horrible. I just couldn't do anything but cry. 5 days later I went into menopause. I messed up beds settee kitchen chairs carpets everywhere I sat. Use to be standing in the bath clumps all around my legs. One midwife wanted to see me came to the bathroom. She looked at me and said that happened to me. My husband had to call the plumber. She then spoke to my husband who was at wits end. After a month doctor had to fit a thing ( forgot the name) inside me. Menopause stopped. I was back on my feet looking after the baby. A year later right half of the thyroid and calcium gland was removed. Doctor said now you're will lose lots of weight. infact I put on weight. I was skiping lots of meals just didn't feel hungry. 2 years later I started having problems again with the left side thyroid. It was growing. Every time went to doctor he will say it nothing is your marriage okay. One day I was screaming at the doctor I'm choking and your worried about my sex life with my husband. The answer to that is no. Came home wrote to the thyroid group and someone there gave me advice armed with that I went to the doctors. I was sent to the hospital for a scan. Scan done the hospital said to me in two days time I have to be operated. One doctor came and asked me if it okay if he could do the operation. I agreed. So after the op he came to thank me and said the medical board never seen such a huge thyroid. As the left grew from left to right. The doctor said now you're will lose lots of weight. I'm still waiting. Diet does nothing. I don't eat much. No sweet things no fried chips. Still no weight loss at all.

You need medication as I said to replace T3 & T4. If you don't have a thyroid, you can't function & your body could begin to shut down. If your Dr won't listen, find an endocrinologist that will. I'm sorry this is happening to you.

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If they put you on Levothyroxin you won't lose the weight, you will probably gain weight. If you can go on NDT you will feel much better and more likely to lose the weight.

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Sounds like thyroid. Remember our body needs our thyroid to function properly. If part of yours was removed or killed, I have a friend that says NP Thyroid is the best medication. It replaces T3 & T4.

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Has he had thyroid function tests? If not that's a good place to start. He can ask GP or do a private test with Medichecks or Blue Horizon. Best to get a full thyroid panel including




Thyroid antibodies

And for a little more money get the bundle with the following vitamins and minerals

Vit D





Thanks again Susie. I’ve been on this journey myself for the last twenty years unfortunately and have been extremely ill. Consequently have picked up enough knowledge (like us all) to write a book BUT I’m dealing with my husband here and as he’s watched me suffer in the way I have for all these years, the very mention of him having a thyroid problem he completely shuts down. His son was killed in a RTA 5 years ago and when the police came to the house and delivered the terrible news my husband collapsed to the floor. As we know shock can have an adverse affect on the adrenals/thyroid so it’s very likely that this is the case. Dr. P put him on Armour some years ago but he didn’t get on with it but my guess is he wasn’t converting it so I’ve ordered some T3. I just thought that if someone on here had had some weight issues he may take some notice. Thank you for replying to me though. I today’s mission will be trying to persuade him to have the blood tests done with Blue Horizon so wish me luck lol. X


Hi I had never been overweight in my life i.e. 68 years until I had my thyroid removed in Oct 2015. I was then put on Levo and gained 10 lbs in 7/8 months. It made me ill. As soon as I started to self medicate with NDT the extra pounds disappeared.

This was two years ago and I am still the same weight as before the TT. I have never been on any type of diet.



I totally agree with you . I had the same exact experience when I had my TT and was dosed with Levo only and high dose too . It's possible that I'm not a good converter and my nutrients where not up to par . In any case adding some NDT for my T3 mix and bringing my nutrients up I was able to lower my T4 and helped with losing weight . It' been a long hard road . Exercise is very helpful too . Even if you can just do some walking . Hang in there .

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Sounds like thyroid. It's much easier for men to shed weight than women. Your husband really should have the blood work. His metabolism sounds very slow. He will feel and think much clearer if it's the thyroid & she'd the weight.

Hypothyroidism does cause weight gain and fatigue. Unfortunately Levothyroxin which is the usual drug to control this also causes weight gain and fatigue, but it makes the blood tests right, totally illogical really.

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