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Visit to Nutritionist tomorrow; consulting for Hashimoto's, Adrenal fatigue, major food intolerances & gut biome.. Happy to pass on results

After waiting an age to consult with an experienced, and specialist Nutritionist I cannot wait.

I have listed what I am consulting her about above in the title, so that whatever I learn I will gladly pass on here, on this excellent forum.

Poppy the 🐈

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Look forward to hearing about the results x


Thank-you. Hopefully the excitement will allow me to sleep!!

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Good luck :) xx


Thank you



Good luck Poppy.💖🌻💖


Thank-you... Merci GeeGee!


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Good luck! And I'll be interested to know what you find out, especially re gut health, and also adrenal fatigue.


Thank-you. Will do.


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Good luck! Seeing a good private nutritionist was brilliant for me, and helped sort out so many problems that doctors just didn’t care about.


It was a strange meeting.. I still don't quite know what to make of it. The Nutritionist didn't really tell me anything I didn't know already... At one point I thought she was going to ask to read my tealeaves!

I feel I need reassurance at the minute. May I ask how your Nutritionist visit helped you? I really don't know how I feel right now... Not positive and that's for sure...


Oh no, I’m so sorry. I was buzzing after my first appointment, as I felt I’d met someone who could really help me. Before seeing her, I’d filled in a comprehensive questionnaire, and given her a lot of information about my symptoms, what I hoped to achieve, what I already ate and so on.

I specifically went to see her as I wanted to change my diet as I have Hashimoto’s and really wasn’t feeling well, but was struggling as many of the recommended diets didn’t suit me as I’m a strict vegetarian. I did know a little about some of the issues I had, but no idea how to solve them.

She was pretty sure I had candida on our first appointment based on symptoms, but did tests to check – and I did. She’s organised a lot of other testing for deficiencies, cortisol, heavy metals, all sorts – and I totally trust her recommendations based on my results, because I have got better. I certainly don’t hang on her every word, and she doesn’t just throw private tests at me for the sake of it.

With any supplements I take, or recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes, she explains properly why. All I know is that I felt so much better pretty quickly. It hasn’t been easy, as I struggle to stick to my very “free from” diet sometimes, but she is a normal person and accepts that. I do still see her, as it really helps me to stick to everything.

I’m not sure how you go about finding a good practitioner, unless someone can recommend someone to you. How did you find the one you saw?

Mine is on this group:


Thank-you so much for taking the time to reply so thoroughly. Well, not only did I fill out an extensive questionnaire, a thorough list of everything that I have a problem with, diet/food regime and off my bat, with my own initiative, I added four pages of my own extra information.

When I arrived, I was a bit overwhelmed by the fact that everything was purple; plastic purple perspex chairs, purple radiators, purple conservatory, purple carpet, cushions, walls, the lot, everything..even the coasters for the glass of water!

I have to say that despite having highlighted important statements with a highlighter pen, she still asked me questions that I had supplied the answers to, several times. It's as though she had not taken on board anything I had spent so much time putting together. All I can remember her saying was that I was clearly angry. I did explain when we met that I was currently suffering a severe allergic response and was feeling very unwell and in considerable pain, so maybe she interpreted that as anger. I think instead that I am very anxious, worried, distressed and in pain.

My dear mother who came in with me to help jog my memory as she is so good with dates, said that I should wait and see; at this point I got up and said that I did not think we would get anywhere. We were given a moment together and my mother convinced me to stay, but at that point the line of questioning had seemed so unconnected that I half expected to have my tealeaves read!

At the end of this strange session that I don't feel achieved anything, the Nutritionist explained that I would probably require further tests carried out in the US and that they would cost a minimum of £1,000.

This session has cost an amount that I have had to save up for as it is...I expected a lot more. I expected at least an assessment or discussion of my symptoms, at least a possible outline of a game plan of some kind, something to explain how we would proceed.

I did not get anything like this.

When I left I was given two printouts about things to eat- something that I could have looked up on Google or in a book for myself.

After poor, dear Dr Skinner passed away, I went and found somebody in London (am based in Wiltshire), and that was a disaster. Every time I asked a pertinent question, he would cut me off and tell me to come back for another appointment. He did duplicate blood tests that my GP had done, all he had to do was ask them to be faxed, but instead he charged me almost £700 for the blood tests he did! In total I spent a lot more seeing him for three further appointments without getting anywhere. Essentially I was fleeced.

Today I don't feel that this person earned her fee. I have come away with nothing, just two sheets of paper...and the statement that I have 'a lot of autoimmune issues' ...which I knew already.

Yes she is BANT registered. I found her searching on the internet...

Oh dear, I am so upset, fed up and disappointed, I could cry, but it will only make me feel worse.

Maybe you could PM the name/details of the person you saw? I feel I have to reassess my position and decide where I go from here.

Many thanks,



That all sounds awful. If you’re not comfortable with the practitioner that you’re seeing, it’s never going to work, is it. I’ll PM you.


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