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Hi I am a newbie and looking to get hold of some T3? I have a clinical need for it and my new endo has taken me off it. First endo more than happy to prescribe it to me due to symptoms not improving on Levo alone. Also, new endo not renewing prescription for Levo. I was diagnosed in 2012 and I usually take 100mcg Levo. My eyes are dry and puffy, constipated every day, joints aching, tired, heavy periods, losing hair, gaining weight. Thanks in advance.

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What is the reason for the new endo not renewing your prescription for Levo?


You can not have you Levothyroxine stopped that's outrageous

Have you actually run out of Levo? If so go and get new prescription from GP urgently

You're the third to arrive here in two days to have this exact scenario





Why has endo withdrawn T3?

Endo's usually write the prescription for the first month and then GP takes over repeat prescribing. Or do you mean your endo has told you to stop taking Levothyroxine as well as T3?


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