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Good evening. Im new to this group. Thank you for welcoming me. Im a little bit confused. I was on t3/t4 euthryal for many years and now changed doctor so cant get it. My GP will only prescribe me Levo which I have taken in the past and had to again recently. I found a new integrated doctor who prescribe me Metavive II but reading on here its not actually NDT its just a supplement, so not sure if its worthwhile me taking. I really dont want to go back to Levo. can anyone advise me. Thanks. (Im also Hashimotos for good measure).where can I get a t3/t4 easy as gp says can’t help. Thanks

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You don't need a prescription for Metavive. It's not NDT but does have some thyroid hormone in it but it's not possible to determine how much or whether it is consistent from batch to batch as Metavive is sold as an over the counter supplement.

Have you tried Googling "Euthyral" to see where you buy it online without prescription? Other T4+T3 brands are Bitiron and Dithyron.

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NHS is still obliged to prescribe T3 if you were originally prescribed through an NHS Endocrinologist

You can fight this.

Mean time Email Thyroid UK for list of recommended thyroid specialists

please email Dionne:

private prescription would enable access to cheap French or German T3 £25-£30 for 100 tablets (20mcg German and 25mcg French )

Some possibly useful links

Sandoz German 25mcg



Private prescription £1 a tablet


NHS can and does use cheaper alternatives


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Thank you so much.


Yes I havve googled but they need

I’m aware what I’m currently taking is now classed as a supplement ( I wasn’t till I did some asking them about how much t3/4 in their product.

Description and my integrated doctor was a gp so I’m not sure he can still do prescriptions. Will check. Thank you.


Hi you could try Springfield chemist. You can email them. I'm considering trying to find GP in the US and have the prescription shipped over. X


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