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I'm new to this site and even though it's already been asked, can you tell me what kinds of supplements I can buy in the US that I can start taking for underachieving thyroid? My labs are, of course, "normal" and even though I have a goiter my endo won't do or give me anything because of my labs. If I can start taking something on my own without a prescription, maybe it will help alot of my symptoms? Thanks! 😊

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  • hi, by "normal" what is your tsh number? mine was considered normal at 2.5 and I felt horribly sick still

  • I don't remember it was done a year ago, my doctor just told me my labs were all normal.

  • do you mind posting a few of your symptoms? it can help us determine what supplements you may lack

  • Slow metabolism, weight gain, cold extremities, goiter on right side of my neck, and always tired no matter how much sleep I get...I started taking 500 MG of magnesium and that has helped with the pain in my neck but I can't seem to lose weight even with eating right.

  • I have never heard of Phoenix Rising supplying meds without prescription, and I am a member.

  • Yeah I don't want to buy anything from anyone just need to know what I need to buy online.

  • If you are talking about injections, then I can't help. I've never needed to inject. This forum on HU should be able to help :

    If you want B12 as tablets then Amazon has lots to choose from. It also comes in sprays and patches I think.

    The ones I buy are Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin either 1000mcg or 5000mcg. Another favourite of people on this forum is the same product by Solgar.

    Methylcobalamin is one of the active forms of B12. Another one is adenosylcobalamin. I have also bought adenosylcobalamin from Amazon and I take it occasionally.

    To go with the B12 I also take a B Complex called Thorne Basic B, which I also buy from Amazon.

  • off the top of my head, selenium will help the thyroid, I take it every day and notice improvements, but, you could spend a lot on supplements (the mountains of supplements on my counter - UGHH) and if it isn't a quality product, it can be frustrating

  • This is a UK site with a few occasional US visitors who may assist but you may be better asking this question on a US site.

  • Yes thanks I'm aware it's a UK site...

  • For supplement guidance u can visit it has all info through which supplement to start with..and the best site ever.....

  • Your link doesn't take me anywhere. Can you check it, please?

  • Here u go again ... Jus copy paste...

    Or u can try different browser ....

  • Is this your own personal website? The links on the left hand side of the page are to files on someone's PC, it doesn't have many links to pages on the internet.

  • no this is not my personal website... This is the success story of someone... and he has provide all the info free..... even i corrected my nutrional defficencies with the help of above mentioned website..... But website has problem sometimes it opens and sometime it doesn't ....

  • It is because you mis-posted the link. You added an ellipsis to the link. Using another browser would not help.

  • Thank you 😊

  • lund, you can't replace thyroid hormones with 'supplements', if by supplements you mean vitamins and minerals. Although low nutrients can cause symptoms themselves. Especially B12, because the symptoms mimic low thyroid.

    Therefore, before taking anything, it's best to get your vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested, and supplement accordingly. You can build up from there. Although, as kathy1029 says, you can take selenium without testing, and that is good for the thyroid, and for conversion. You can also take vit c - that is good for everything!

    If your last thyroid labs were done a year ago, it might be a good idea to get them done again. A lot can happen in a year - especially if you have antibodies. The tests you need are :






    And if your doctor refuses to do all of those, perhaps you can find somewhere to do them privately - it's an investment in your future health!

    Beware of things that call themselves 'thyroid support', or other such multivitamin and mineral concoctions. For the most part they will do no good, and are just a waste of money, but if they contain things you really don't need, they could do you harm. :)

  • Thank you so much for the info! I'm just frustrated that my doctor has the wait-and-see approach while in the meantime I'm miserable 😕

  • They all have that attitude. They just hate diagnosing thyroid, for some unknown reason.

  • I am also in the US. If you are on Facebook there are many sites. Hashimoto's 411, AIP for you and me, Autoimmune Protocol, hypothyroid, etc.many people are there ready to help. If you are not on Facebook just google those sites and you can see them. Good luck

  • Thanks! ☺

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