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how to interpret Synacthen test results


Any idea how this ACTH test results mean? This was long synacthen depot test with intramuscular injection not I.V.


s tart 518 nmol/L

after 1 hour 721 nmol/L

after 2 hours 959 nmol/L

after 4 hours 1138 nmol/L

after 8 hours > 1655 - i guess the lab can not detect above 1655 so dont know what actual level is

after 24 hours 1225

My interpretation is that adrenals are fine but pituitary is not because the cortisol is rising more than 3 times from base level /this is from wikipedia article about acth test / but i maybe completely wrong.


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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


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