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From bad to worse

Hi all,

I’m writing this from my hospital bed feeling rather sorry for myself. I had the scan on my neck done and the started to suffer with severe abdominal pain. My GP couldn’t see me so called instead after describing what was happening he then told me to go to a walk-in centre after a three hour wait I was examined and sent to the local surgical ward. Here I’ve been prodded poked scanned etc...I apparently have gallstones and need my gallbladder removing. I was also told the lump on my neck, blurry vision and thyriod antibodies indicate Graves’ disease but that GP will deal with the latter. Over the next six days I was given copious amounts of pain relief which barely took the edge off. I’m now being told that the operation is not an emergency and that I will be seen as an outpatient for it in the next month or so and in the mean time I could go home.

I argued this in terms of high CPR and pain relief not working - so I’m now being treated only for pain relief and there seems to be nothing I can do about getting the op sooner. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks 😇

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Hi Jaqui

Any suggestions? Not really. We are all different and I don't have the symptoms and blood tests abnormalities you had. Also, I have Hashimoto's and don't know enough about Graves to comment. Are they sure it's Graves?

I have Gallstones but still have my Gallbladder. I haven't had Choleysistitis though, which I'm guessing you had.

You've had it so tough recently. A similar thing happened to an older friend of mine. She since had the op. I think she was offered a cancellation.

Shouldn't you be seen by the Endocrinologist for the Graves and Eye Clinic for the blurry vision.

You could ask to see the Ward Manager /Sister. See if they can help, explain how ill you've been and for how long - show her/him all your test results if you have them with you. See if she can help in anyway? Could you, for example, be seen in Eye Clinic before you go home?

Ask your named nurse or the ward manager to go through your latest bloods results and scan with you. See if your C-Reactive Protein has improved at all. Was it very high? Can't remember all your results without looking back.

So sorry to hear you're still suffering all this pain. Hope you get sorted before much longer.




I suggest you Google "Gallbladder diet" as there are quite a few foods which can exacerbate the pain and should be avoided until after your operation.

I hope they find a suitable pain relief to help you and that you'll be home soon.



I remember now, Jaqui, You had raised TPO , low in range T4 and high TSH ? Is that right? Thought that meant Hashimoto's? But they've found Graves.

Had a quick look back and your CRP result in November wasn't very high but I don't think you gave the range.


Your gall bladder op if isn't an emergency may be deferred because of bed shortages this time of year. I've read some hospitals are cancelling non urgent operations because of this.



Thanks all for your support. I’ve been temporarily discharged after spending the week in hospital. They are not 100% diagnosing Graves they have sent on the info to my endocrinologist. The Gallbladder op they said wasn’t a life and death emergency but is urgent which sounds daft to me but apparently means I have to have it done at the other hospital so I’m being referred as an urgent day case for a cholecystectomy. I’m on a ridiculous amount of morphine at home now so here’s hoping it won’t be too long x


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