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Weight Problem with Under Active Thyroid Gland

Hi, I am 69 years of age and have had an underactive thyroid gland for some years. I am on Thyroxine. I keep myself fit by going swimming twice a week and walk a lot. I try to keep my weight down by going to Weight Watchers. Unfortunately the weight does not come off easily. I have lost over 2 stone. But it did take a long time. Sometimes a few pounds creep on and I do not know why. Does anybody have the same problem or can give advice.

Thank you Jackie

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If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges members will advise whether you are optimally dosed on Levothyroxine. Undermedication will make it very difficult to lose weight.


Also have you had vitamin D, folate, ferritin or B12 tested recently. These can often be too low and not helping.

Post results and ranges if you have them


I am very overweight since starting Levothyroxine. I am now on the auto immune paleo diet, which is no gluten. You can get details online. Some people believe a low calorie diet can slow the metabolism and make the thyroid problems worse.

Thyroid hormones do also need to be in range.


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