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Flare up

Hi all

I haven’t been here for a long time ( which is good I suppose). However 3 weeks ago I walked into a shop and started feeling overheated and dizzy. OMG I thought tomorrow I will be unwell with some sort of bug or ‘flu. Woke up with a swollen sore throat and haven’t been well since.

It took me until now to realise I probably have a thyroid ‘flare up’ as I haven’t been tested for ages and this is the first winter in 4 years I have been constantly in the cold. Not to mention both inlaws passed away before Xmas within days of each other.

Monday morning I will definitely be testing for everything. I have been hiding under the covers of my bed feeling bad and having a low body temperature. I have Hashimoto‘ sand have been regularly on Tirosint 100 now. Obviously never occurred to me to recheck as we move into winter.

Thank goodness I remembered the HealthUnlocked page and that gave me the input to remember how bad we can feel and how easily we can be convinced that we have something else.

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Hope you're feeling better soon. Remember to check vitamin levels too.

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Yes. Check everything. Thanks


Hi Miki, are you treating this as an autoimmune condition? For instance gluten can be a trigger for an attack on your thyroid. Has your diet been conducive to that? Also D can get very deficient in winter so supplementing is almost always necessary. Take it with K2 and vitamin A or if you like cod liver oil.


Yes I have been messing around eating everything because for quite a while I have been well ( for me). And I have spent a lot of winter time in the sun which is great for Hashimoto’s. But this year due to circumstance I am home in the cold exposed to virus.

Now I am going to pick up my socks and get back on the diet and do my blood tests

I feel like I felt years ago when I didn’t realise what was happening .

From tomorrow back on the straight and narrow ! Thanks for replying


It sounds like it could be due to cold weather. I read a previous post that said that people with hypothyroidism should increase their dose during the winter time since cold temperatures used up a lot of the thyroid to keep warm or something like that. Anyway I hope you feel better soon!

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