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Last episode (8) of BROKEN BRAIN


And tonight’s episode is going to lay out a clear path forward so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

These powerful techniques will ensure that your brain is protected, enhanced and ready for whatever the future may hold for you.

Here’s just a glimpse at the 6-week plan you will learn in this episode to protect your brain health:

• Week 1- Eat right for your brain.

• Week 2- Tune up your brain with supplements.

• Week 3- Find some form of movement that you love, and do it daily.

• Week 4- Sleep, and allow your brain time to relax.

• Week 5- Train your brain. Learn something new especially if you aren’t good at it.

• Week 6- Live clean and green. Minimize toxic exposure.

Plus, I’ll be joined by our fantastic panel of over 19 experts to hit home just how much better your life can be once you learn to manage stress, minimize toxin exposure, and fine tune the role of mitochondria in your brain.

We’re going to take it up a notch for this final episode and I hope you’ll join me.

One more thing. My mission is to help people all over the country and the world understand that brain health is VITAL to living the life you deserve… active, healthy, focused and mentally strong, for the long term.

-Dr.Mark Hyman

2 Replies

As ever, brilliant, Heloise!

Thank you for caring and sharing.

Lots of food for thought!,

I enjoyed it immensely. Will now be adding Mark Hyman et al to my list of inspirational hero's!


They are almost too brilliant. Let me know if your neurofilaments improve, haha.

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