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Employment medical and eltroxin !!

Am having medical exam for my employment , they take blood test and urine test for checking sugar and albumin.. amd ecg , currently am taking 75 eltroxin, and I think I will have my periods on the medical date.. if I take imol ( paracetamol nd ibrufon combination pain killer) and eltroxin 75 on the medical date . Wil it Increase fasting blood sugar and ecg ?? Please reply...

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I don't know about paracetamol but Ibuprofen is an NSAID and there are findings of NSAIDS lowering blood glucose levels.

Google" NSAIDS + blood glucose levels" to investigate further.

ps: If you have blood sugar issues, look at your adrenal glands ..... Hypoglycemia is a condition where there is not enough cortisol to raise blood sugar into the normal range. (When your blood sugar levels drop below normal, your adrenal glands should respond by secreting cortisol, which tells the liver to make more glucose so bringing blood sugar levels back to normal .... BUT cortisol may be in short supply due to years & years of low thyroid hormone. .... Also low thyroid hormone can influence glucose regulation & inhibit insulin production by slowing the metabolism & discouraging proper blood glucose balance. Insulin is a necessary for proper conversion of blood glucose into energy).

pss: Cortisol issues can also mess with the HPA axis which affects thyroid hormone production & psychology. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland are the directors of hormone production and chronic adrenal stress can mess up communication with the thyroid.


As long as your thyroid isn't going to be checked then take your eltroxin as usual. If there is a chance that it will be checked then I would leave off until after the blood test. xx

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Thanks alot.. thyroid not goin to b checked.. just sugar and ecg

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