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Recurrent sinus infections and laryngitis with overactive thyroid / Graves’ disease

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and subsequently Graves’ disease in August 2017. I’m currently in block and replace but recently my FT4 is increasing.

However I keep suffering from repeated bouts of laryngitis and sinusitis. I asked my endo at my last appointment and he said these are not connected but I’ve never suffered with either of these until a few months before my graves diagnosis. Does anyone else have this issue? It’s really starting to get me down now.

Thanks xx

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Hi there i do think there is a connection, i have always suffered from my sinuses more since being hyper in july and just recentley i always have a blocked nose on the left side and it is tbe same side as my thyroid nodules, i am sure that i have read somewhere on this site that other people have problems aswell, i do not think endos know alot to be honest and will always blah blah anything-i eas told by my endo as with many other people that palps and tremors were nothing to do with the thyroid!! I would not take their word for anything. Im sure others will resond too.😊


I had a sore throat and persistent cough for ages before I was diagnosed with Graves', and the cough lasted for a couple of months after I'd started treatment. This was in fact what initially got me to the doctor's , and I was quite miffed that they didn't seem to be doing anything to resolve it ! Part of the trouble is, you're probably run-down and liable to catch anything going around.

They eventually decided my cough was allergy-related. By the early summer, I think this might well have been the case, as antihistamines definitely helped relieve it, but I've never had such a persistent cough from hay fever, and it didn't feel like the same cough I'd had from the beginning.


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