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Successful pregnancy stories please 🙂

Hi all!

I am wondering whether anyone has any stories of having a successful pregnancy and healthy child whilst having hashimotos. I am looking to start trying for a baby in the near future and any positive outcomes would mean a lot to hear 🙂

The look of my doctors face when I told him I hasn't got children yet is sticking in my mind, and everything you hear is so negative, so a bit of positivity would be so good!

thank you! X

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Once hypothyroidism is under control you should be able to conceive and have a healthy baby. We have quite a few forum babies born to Hashi/hypothyroid mums.

Have a look through these posts


People who've carried a child to term will respond. There's not reason you should have a problem as long as your doctor ensures your thyroid hormones are optimal.

The following are past posts which might also be helpful:


Family member has hashimotos on levothyroxine only and has two very beautiful happy children with another on the way! The hashimotos hypothyroidism has not caused her any problems at all.

Remember so much on forums is doom and gloom!


I developed hashis after my first baby and conceived and carried my second just fine. I put on loads of weight (4.5 stone) and had extra blood tests to alter my Levo prescription but was ‘fat and happy’ while pregnant and had no problems. I lost (most of) the weight without really trying within six months of having the baby. Try not to worry! Good luck! 😀

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I have 2 children born after i discovered my thyroid issue. No problems in getting pregnant and during the pregnancy. I always had a normal weight.

You will need to increase your dose by 30-50% as soon as you know you are pregnant


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