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I’ve had more bloods done but they don’t seem to have done the same tests as last time.

Serum c reactive protein level is 5.0 mg last time this was tested it was 4.8 last month.

Haemoglobin is 13.3

White cells 8.3

Platlet count 321

RCDW 19.1%

Plasma viscosity 1.81

Infectious mononucleosis negative

Bicarbonate level 27

Blood film microscopy - film appearance does not suggest viral infection. Diamorphic red cell population ?patient on iron

I’ve also had a scan of womb and ovaries showing nothing unusual. And today had a neck scan - one nodule on thyroid which was small and not suspicious looking but she did make a comment of much larger nodes elsewhere in neck. Not sure what do ask next as GP can’t discuss these results until 2/2/18 as no appointments available.

The iron infusion was back in November and I haven’t supplemented it since apart from through diet. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Which tests did you want doing ? How long ago were the above done ? Ranges ??

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Adrenal function - was hoping to rule it out x

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Ah that would be better done privately - a 24 hour Saliva Test is the best I believe. The NHS only do a blood test which is not the full story. Have you looked at the website of Dr Rind where there is a chart comparing Adrenals v Thyroid - you may find it helpful.


I’ll have a look now thanks x

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Hope you do - let me know what you think :-)


Really interesting! I wonder if my gp would think it ride if I printed him out a copy 😬

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Why not ? 😊



You haven't given the ranges.

I think the CRP is OK though. It's an inflammation marker. Both results seem quite low, I know someone who had them in the hundreds once. You need the range.

Is your Bicarbonate high? Is this one of the results that was high last time?

Have you asked the GP yet about the other abnormalities?


Wasn’t able to see normal doc, lo I’m sent me for the urgent neck scan and also queries glandular fever... tests show no viral

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But what Vitamin D dose has been prescribed?

Did you start the high doses?

What treatment has been suggested for low Folate and B12? Have you been tested for Pernicious Anemia yet?

Are you going to attend Haematology or any other Specialist clinic about these 3 Vitamins?


Sorry, You did mention high Vit D dose in an earlier reply about low sodium and high bicarbonate on a previous post!


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I've just looked at your previous results. Your Bicarbonate was raised then but it's is now within range , so that has come down.

You need to ask for B12 and Folate (B9) to be tested. You didn't give Folate range last time, so not sure but it looks low. Ask to be tested for Pernicious Anemia.

You could try a post with your symptoms and results with ranges on Pernicious Anemia forum. See if they can help at all?


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GP appointment 2/2/18?

If you are ill then you can ask for same day appoinment.


You could also ask for a telephone appointment to discuss results.

If you add in all the ranges and the Folate result and range from last time, then people will be better equipped to make informed comment.

Did you ever have Ferritin tested?


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I've just seen your Pernicious Anemia post.

Your Ferritin is high.

Your B12 and Folate are low enough to query Pernicious Anemia with your GP. So phone and ask for the tests.

However your Vitamin D at just 15 in December is very low and indicates Severe Deficiency. You should have been prescribed Loading dose of 280,000 to 300,000 to be taken in split doses over several weeks depending on which treatment regime was decided on. You really need to speak to your GP today. If he is referring you to a Specialist, then this needs to be an Immediate referal.

Has GP mentioned Haematology?

You could Google cks NICE guidlines for treatment of Vitamin D deficiency. It says there what GP should be doing.


ps to 4th reply

should read:

280,000 IU to 300,000 IU (Vitamin D supplement)


Sorry x

Serum c reactive protein level is 5.0 mg last time this was tested it was 4.8 last month. Range: (0.0-8.0)

Haemoglobin is 13.3 was 13.9 range (12-16)

White cells 8.3 was 6.7 range (4-11)

Platlet count 321 range (150 -400)

RCDW 19.1% range (11.5-16.5)

Plasma viscosity 1.81 ( (1.5-1.72)

Infectious mononucleosis - negative

Bicarbonate level 27 range (24-32)


Sorry for lack of response, I’m currently in local hospital having been told the scan on my neck was benign the doc was still concerned about bloatedness and pains I’ve been getting on right hand side. So he sent in into hospital for test and possible gallbladder surgery. Also just been told I have leukocytes and blood visible in urine test which is strange cos white cell count last time was within range at 8.3???


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