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Anyone got into remission with a vegan diet?


Just wondering has anyone got into remission with a vegan diet? I have been vegetarian for ten years and vegan for a year due to milk and egg allergies. I have seen a lot of emphasis on meat and bone broth with the autoimmune protocol and Isabella Wentz's advise.

If anyone has any remission or success stories of being vegan that would mean a lot to hear 🙂

Thank you!

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Diet, whether AIP, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan will not improve thyroid function. If you were diagnosed with Hashimoto's before it damaged your thyroid you might be able to reverse Hashimoto's with AIP or gluten-free diet but if your thyroid gland is already damaged that damage will not be reversed.

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As a vegetarian of 50 yrs I especially find this pushing of bone broth and the like, very upsetting, not to mention anger-inducing especially when it's not proven that it is the panacea for all ills, as it's often pushed as. But I think Dr Mark Hyman has it right when he writes that with all of these latest faddy eating regimes, when you pare down the actual facts, and look at the multiplicity and often contradictory research that pretends to prove this, that or the other, it's not the eating or not of meat that help people to maintain or regain good health, it's that people who comprehensively eat and live well whether with or without meat, are those whose health benefits accordingly. If you eat "poor" food of whatever sort, your health is clearly more likely to suffer, and if you add in cigarette smoking, excess alcohol etc, no amount of bone broth is going to compensate. If like me, your vegetarianism arose out of your beliefs about the rights of animals and the animal cruelty perpetrated by the farming industry for instance, and you go contra to your beliefs, you are likely to be under such stress that any perceived benefit of imbibing bone broth are likely to be countermanded by that stress. Far better to look at your health and lifestyle in the round, and any specific issues pertaining to you the individual, than be focusing on the latest idea of what "everyone" should apparently do or not do on the say so of one person or another.


I'm thinking of trying it as I know someone with Hashis who is a vegan and she must be the healthiest person I've ever met. Trouble is I need a lot of protein so I'm not sure it would work for me. We're all different though, and we each have to work out what works for us.

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I’ve been a strict vegetarian for over 45 years, but not vegan. I don’t have much dairy anyway, but what I do have is vegetarian. I don’t have eggs. I continually think about becoming vegan, but haven’t yet taken the plunge.

I struggled with all the conflicting diet advice given to help my Hashimoto’s and the various gut issues I had. Many of the recommended diets include meat and fish, and exclude things we veggies need for protein.

With the help of a private nutritionist, I totally overhauled my diet. I was already gluten-free, but gave up yeast, soya, caffeine, and sugar (in any form, including fruit – I have a problem with candida). I don’t think anything can go into remission as such, but I do everything I can to support my gut and liver health, and I am certainly very much healthier for it.

I still have people telling me to make bone broth and to “get over” my unwillingness to forget that I’m vegetarian <sigh>


Yes, going gluten free helped all my other problems but thyroid was too damaged and now dead. Stopped me getting worse and further problems though. Are you taking B12 supplements? :-)


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