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Flaxseed and levothyroxine


2months back i started eating flax seed powder for 15days and sesame seed powder for another 15days. i usually get periods cycle for 32days which is normal. as we are planning for kids, i went for some blood test on 3rd day of my periods. doctor said test report is normal and i have to test on 21stday, but i didnot attended for blood test as i am suffering from ear infection. Again,i took Flaxseeds for 1week and stopped for 7days(because i took took antibiotics for 1week prescribed by GP for curing ear infection, i am really disturbed with my diet). i took sesame seeds from 15thday for 1 week and stopped for 7days. i got periods with cycle length 35days. . I had ENT appointment on 5th jan and he prescribed antibiotics again. i started using antibiotics from 11th jan to till date. actually we are trying to conceive. had intercourse on 13th jan , i observe bleeding from 14th jan spotting for 2days and today it is some what more. from last 1month i am getting pains in my left arm and left foot. any hormone changes? or any infections in my urinal track. whats wrong with me, any suggestions. is it necessary to consult doctor immediately? Suggest me. gp appointments are not available upto 26th jan. please help me, thanks in advance.

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Members can't diagnose what is wrong but I doubt pain in your arm and foot will be hormonal or due to a urine infection. Perhaps there is a duty doctor you can speak to at your GP practice for advice if you can't get an appointment for another 10 days.


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