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High Uric Acid

Doctor has told me I have Sky high Uric Acid, having read about Gout, the attacks I’m getting don’t seem like same thing? I get an intense itching in Feet, so intense the more I try to itch the more intense it becomes it’s so bad I’m actually screaming as nothing helps, and intensifies to such a degree I want to literally chop my foot with an axe....He put me on allopurinol but I had bad reaction and ended up in A& E and they said Stop tablets. I have low Folate and reading tells me this often reported in high Uric Acid levels...My question is has anyone experienced this intense itch described rather than usual Gout pain? ...

I have ordered some herbal Uriprinol tablets, does anyone here know if they have helped or is there a better natural product I can try to lower Uric Acid? I am stage 3 CKD so prefer natural route as prescription meds ( apart from Colchicine ) have not helped. Obviously I only use Colchicine during attack, I need a long term solution to lower Uric Acid.

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I see you get B12 injections. Do you also take folic acid or folate supplements

What about vitamin B complex, this is usually recommended too on here

Post your most recent vitamin results and members can advise

Lots of links to say that folic acid or folate may help


Also mentioned here that B12 supplements may trigger gout (presumably because you may then need increase in other B vitamins )

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