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Low Affinity Blood Test

Hi Guys, I have a diagnosis of TED and Ptosis however my other symptoms of muscle stiffness is being ignored. I came across a LRP4 antibody test for seronegative MG results which can potentially change a negative result into a positive one. Does anybody know where I could have this test privately done in London? My GP states it's not on the NHS blood testing list. I need the test quickly as I'm now impatient after 6/7 years of Ptosis and without a conclusion!

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I was refered for myasthenia gravis tests due to blurred/double vision and ptosis in one eye, I am hypothyroid. It can also affect other muscles especially those for breathing. Muscle fatigue onset is more rapid than normal.

They also tested for antibodies to MG, which were negative but 30% with MG and TED have negative antibody tests. The other tests were inconclusive with some signs but not enough to warrant a diagnosis. I was wired up to a machine that gave electric shocks to my eye area and made me twitch muscles in an involuntary manner - it was really weird! I am ok after 5 years so presume I don’t have MG or it was mild and went into remission and my 23&me raw data shows no genetic marker for it.

You should ask for a referral to neurology to get tested as it can be a very serious illness, this less likely if you have just TED as it often goes into remission after a couple of years. It is a very rare autoimmune disorder but still worth being checked for.

This link is helpful on MG symptoms:

Hope that helps.

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