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My doctor says, "I am fine!"

These are the test results after being on NatureThriod for several months. I was on 2 1/2 grains. I did great for about 5 months and then I crashed big time. I couldn't stop cryinig and was so anxious. Insomnia came raging back. Even when feeling great, I continued to gain A LOT of weight. I now am about 60 lbs. over weight. My doctor thought my labs looked really good, but I think I was undermedicated and that caused the crash. This test was done about 2 1/2 hours after my second dose of NT.

Free T4 0.7 (0.9-1.7)

Free T3 2.8 (2.0-4.4)

TSH 0.399 (0.111-4.910)

Anti-TPO 12 (<34)

Reverse T3 11 (7-23)

Because I couldn't get NatureThroid for several months, I really got in a mess after the initial crash. My doctor is now letting me go to 3 grains and then test after 6 weeks. I hope 3 grains will be enough. I am at 2 1/2 grains and increasing 1/4 grain a week.

Would you agree that was I was probably seriously undermedicated and that is probably why I crashed?

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I'll agree with that. It probably stressed out your adrenals.


Yes, they are a mess right now!


It might take them some time to recover once you increase to 3 grains. 3 grains might not even be enough...your numbers were pretty low especially considering the timing of the test.


Thanks for the confirmation! My doctor is generally really good, but I think he messed this one up. At least he is giving me more freedom to do what I think I need to do.

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