Sick To Death - the film

Sick To Death - the film

This link will not be live until: Jan 18, 2018:

Some of you, I know, have been waiting for this film for a long time. So, make a note of the date, and be sure not to miss it! :)

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Thank you GG. :)

You're welcome. :)

greygoose - is this free to watch?

As far as I know, yes.


Thanks GG, I wondered what had happened to this film. :-) No doubt money had to be raised to complete it.

I think it was raised quite a while ago, and the finished film has been to a couple of festivals. Now we can all see it! :)

I'm sorry to ask but where do we find this flim please.

On 18th January, you click on the link, and it will be there. :)

Thank you greygoose.

Something wrong with the link or is it just me?

Me too

As greygoose says, it's not live until Jan 18.

Can´t wait, this sounds so much like my life story. Thank you GG

You're welcome. :)

Thanks greygoose!

You're welcome. :)

Fantastic. Thank you. I’ve noted the date.

You're welcome. :)

Thanks, this will be very informative.

Hope so! :)

many thanks!

You're welcome. :)

Thanks for sharing Greygoose. x

You're welcome. :)

Thanks for sharing x

Thank you GG

You're welcome. :)

Will pass it on.. 😉😚


What is this film about ? As never heard of this until today

It's about one woman's struggle getting diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism.

Oh will defiantly watch as this happened to my friend

Think we know a bit about that...😥

Indeed we do.


The link you posted says "ondemand" so I suspect there will be a charge to view. :-(

There is a website for the film - and that includes a trailer:

The Sick2death page on Facebook says that there is no charge to watch the film.


Maybe they are only using the ondemand feature as a way of scheduling access, or something like that? Thanks for clarifying.

I don't really know what they're doing. There was no explanation in their post, just the image above. But, someone did ask if you had to pay to watch, and the reply was 'no'. We can but take them at their word until proof to the contrary. :)

Hi Greygoose,

Thanks for all the info about the film and the writer. So much wonderful information about it-- where do I start to research? I'm not on facebook so can't sign in as instructed to get more ibfo

Thank you so much greygoose for sharing . I'll take ANYTHING even if it means films books forums and more to bring THYROID DEASES AWARNESS TO THE PUBLIC . Now lets see what improvements will take place .


You're very welcome. :)

Thanks greygoose

We each live with this day to day unless we are very fortunate in meeting the well-informed and caring type of medic.

So many stories, so much pain, so little shame in how we are mislead and mistreated....

You're welcome. :) It certainly is shocking, and that's why this film was made.

We need lots of awareness and reprograming of Endo/Dr's MINDS for PROPER CARE of thyroid patients NEEDS ...

Thanks GreyGoose! Really looking forward to this.

Who should? You can, if you wish. But this is an American film, there isn't anybody in the UK connected to the film that would under-take such activity. :)

thanks for the reminder :-)

Just looked @ Maggie heidleigh west Facebook page very interesting videos posted.. all those symptoms she's mentioned yes.. that is how I wow wow.😥

Thank you for posting this! 😊

You're welcome. :)

It looks like they’re charging.

That's strange, because they definitely said on Facebook that there was no charge.

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