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Overactive thyroid please help!!!

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Hi all I’m new to this I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid 7 months ago I was put on 10mg of cabizamole Daily. I had a blood test a few months ago but am still having all the symptoms. I have a constant heavy feeling in my chest pains all in my shoulders and ribs. I constantly get heart palpitations and panic attacks. Is there anything I can do to help with this?? I’m having my thyroid out and it can’t come quick enough. Please could you tell me your experiences also anything I can do to help myself many thanks sam

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Hello Sam, I'm sorry you feel unwell. If you're able to post your latest blood test results along with laboratory ranges it's more helpful for us to he able to give good advice.

Please post antibodies test results too. Do you know what thyroid condition you've been diagnosed with and on what basis? For example, what antibodies have been tested?

Hi thank you for reply I have no idea what my test results are they never gave me any all I know is my t4 and t3 was high and I have a goiter with nodules. X

You need to get a copy of results. I would not be happy to have serious surgery like a thyroidectomy without knowing all the facts.

You would not be the first person on this forum to be misdiagnosed. I'm not saying you have been, I'm saying you need alk the information to make an informed decision,.

Hi there i was diagnosed back in july and i was put on 20mgs carbi and now titrated doses down to 3.5 mgs now but i also have symptons still but now my bloods are hyPO, i also have hashimotos and get hyper swings.

I too have a thickened isthmus and nodules but i see endo next week to discuss how to progress and see what if anything they will do. Thyroid problems are very slow moving and can take months and even years to feel better- how come they are taking your thyroid out after several months? Are you overmedicated on 10mgs? Also do you have graves or hashis ? I think it sounds abit quick they are doing op after 7 months.xx😊 please excuse all the questions.

I have a very large goiter with nodules it’s causing me to feel like I’m choking the medication I’m on has not shrunk it and it’s getting bigger. They gave me 2 options the radioactive iodine which as a single parent of 2 is not possible or to remove it so i opted for the removal. The symptoms I’m having are horrible I’m sat here this evening with chest pains and heart flutters and my body keeps going into panic mode. I’m extremely struggling atm and want to feel normal again.

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