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BBC News

Hi all merry Xmas.

Just having a look at the news and a report came on about gluten free food.the tax payers alliance had worked out that prescription gluten free food and shampoo and some pain killers are cheaper to buy at Tesco etc. So the upshot seems to be they looking at removing these items from prescription. Funny line of the morning goes the Nhs who welcomed the report so they could remain the worlds most efficiently run health service. Obviously not seen the t3 problem, or the dr mosely tv prog a while back , he did only find 800 million pounds worth of drug savings etc etc etc

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Some nhs advertising genius is probably being paid a huge salary to make up and put about that line about ‘remaining the world’s most efficiently run health service.’ I was thinking ‘you couldn’t make it up’ but someone obviously has 😉

I always think- the nhs must be the only group who seem to bulk buy at a loss. The prices they pay are shameful.


This riles me up. Stopping gluten free foods is going to offer a tiny saving, but they don't have a great battle for public support, because everyone thinks gluten free is all in the mind. It's a smokescreen for the bigger issues though - when asked about savings, mention gluten free food so you don't have to talk about big pharma.

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I have always been appalled at getting paracetamol on prescription and how much 100 tablets cost to the NHS.

I can buy 16 500mg paracetamol over the counter for about 60p, (3.75p each) Unfortunately the protocol is that you are only allowed to buy a maximum of 2 packs, say £1.20 for 32 tablets, just in case you overdose.

So unless I want to trawl different pharmacies and supermarkets on the same day to get the 100 tablets, or go out on three different occasions, I have to have a prescription. The prescription cost is currently £8.60 but I could, if allowed get 100 tablets for £3.75. The manufacturers must be laughing all the way to the bank!

I think the whole set up is ludicrous and has become an unintended consequence of limiting paracetamol in order to reduce suicide rates.

How much simpler and cheaper to the NHS to have a credit type card which allows you to buy 100 tabs at a time in a pharmacy but over a limited period.


Exactly the point I made in the consultation .Gluten free food is now commonplace in supermarkets and elsewhere and NHS should not be funding it.

Recent research showed huge difference amongst hospitals in what they paid for consumables e.g. gloves. Ludicrous .


My husband has just had a major operation and is still taking painkillers. Two paracetamol four times a day. This nonsense of only selling two packs of 16 at a time is ridiculous. To the extent that (although I know it’s naughty) it brought out the very worst in me and I saw it as a personal challenge to stockpile by buying my two packets from every paracetamol outlet in town every time I went up town!

Once husband got out on crutches he managed to get the pharmacist in Lloyd’s in our town (and in the town where he works) to sell him two packets of 32 pills. Don’t know how he did it because I asked on his behalf and was refused.

On the other hand he seems to be able to get instant appointments from Attila the receptionist.

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I once went to the pharmacists as I was the onlyvone able to function as the rest of my family were in bed with raised temperatures and pointed out I felt I was about to join them so who was going to get the next days supply. I was then given another box! Had to laugh though sometime later I walked out of a well known wholesalers with a bottle of whiskey and a pack of paracetamol of I think 20 containers of 16! Didnt look good! A ban of selling those is now in force unless you own a chemist shop!

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If we could buy liothyronine (T3) at competitive prices [1] at Tesco I suspect there might be quite some cheer. :-) Of course, it would have to be on the same basis as gluten-free foods - no prescription!

[1] By which I mean, competitive on a world price basis - no more than Greece and Turkey.


Hi yes you are right, would do tesco’s Profit some good as well, all the country’s hypo victims queuing out the door.lol. It’s just laughable that they approach their money problems in the same way as our health, just picking round the edges half baked rather than fixing root causes.


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