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Christmas shout out

To all of you with thyroid problems, I just wanted to give a Christmas shout out. If you are the one who makes Christmas happen in your house, you are amazing. My kids are off school now and I’ve run out of steam before Christmas is here and hubby isn’t around for two days. I’m sooooo tired. I think i’ll ask for another blood test in the new year as I am run down, have that thyroid sore throat and no “get up and go”.

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Hi i am very lucky as my hubby likes to sort everything to do with christmas from xmas present shopping,which was done at a click of the button on the internet, food shopping online from asda/m and s and he will do dinner!! I dare not interfere its more than my lifes worth.😊😊 previous years i have done it but things have changed since being ill.xx take care and make time for you.


Hope you manage to get an early night (well 2 or 3 preferably) and some QUALITY sleep.



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