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Alopecia Aretera and hypothyroidism

Since writing my last post, I have now picked up my Armour medication. So glad I am not constipated any more. Not sure if sty is due to the np thyroid medicine. Have not figured out the acne on my forehead, anyone else have this reaction to thyroid medicine?

Still working on my hair loss, Alopecia aretera. I have bald patches in my scalp, have been taking biotin, applying rogane for women and head massages, also laser brush. Does any hypothyroid person has any success with the hair loss treatment? Know a hair loss remedy?

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give the Armour chance to work ..it often takes a year to heal the tissues damaged by hypothyroid and for you to feel really well

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Alopecia Aretera is an autoimmune disease. It may be nothing to do with hypothyroidism.



I have read that hair loss occurs if u have hypothyroid



Yes it can but it is usually overall hair shedding and thinning as opposed to the bald patches Alopecia causes. Improving thyroid levels should improve hairloss caused by hypothyroidism but not Alopecia. I found hairloss was the last hypothyroid symptom to improve so it may take some months. Ask your GP to check ferritin as >70 is generally required for hair regrowth.

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