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Holy basil

Hi there my doc has recommended holy basil for my adrenal issues. I haven’t been able to get the tablets as they were very expensive in my local health shop so I have bought tulsi tea which I have had before.

I’m an anxious person and google far too much and lots of pages are telling me tulsi tea is dangerous because it has Eugenol in it. Does anyone else drink it without problems? It would be nice to have something without it making me anxious! Thanks in advance x

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Sorry I have never heard of the tea I drink organic green tea most mornings but I no nothing of holy basil. Is it basil if so you could, perhaps, make your own.

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Holy Basil is obtainable in capsule form from Ebay & Amazon at a much lower price than high street health shops-even the big chains.

On Ebay there are Indian Herbalists importing from India carriage free.I bought some licorice from India & it came quickly.I shop around every time & keep the price low that way.I take Ashwaghanda,Red Reishi,licorice & rhodiola.

I don't take holy basil now.

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