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Hi all,

Just looking for some advice on overmedication.

Was diagnosed with hypo in July, when my tsh was at a whopping 195 mu/L. This is thanks to Hashimoto's as my antibodies are high. However, since then, i've been on 100mcg Levo (synthroid) and my tsh has come down to 4.63 mu/L. Still over range, but worlds better. Free t4 is optimum, as are my vitamin levels. This was as of a month ago. Things were solid.

Since then, however, I've experienced some really bad anxiety, nervousness, emotional reactions to things - basically symptoms relating to hyper. My neck is also starting to feel tender - although I had an ultrasound scan and the doc said my right gland was small but that was it - no goitre present.

I was wondering, when you achieve a t4 balance, which I may well have after my last blood test as things were going so so good, can the same level of levo medication cause you to go over? Is it advisable to talk to my gp about a subtle reduction to 75mcg? Or should you stay on the same medication?

Does dipping into hyper also cause neck pain/goitre?

Any advice would be great,



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You really need a full thyroid function test which is TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies.

We should have blood tests at the earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose and test and take afterwards.

These are a list of clinical symptoms which should be resolved when we are on an optimum dose, i.e. TSH 1or lower, with Free T4 and Free T3 in the upper part of the range. These are rarely tested but important. Read on this link why we need FT4 and FT3.


Tick off the symptoms you have on the link below.



If GP or lab wont do all the tests you can get a private one for those not tested.

GP should also test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Get a print-out of results with the ranges and post for comments.

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Ok thanks please can you send me a link to where I can get a private blood test done?



The aim of thyroid hormone replacement is to get the TSH to around 1 or below. This is a link to Private Testing and Blue Horizon and Medichecks do home pin-prick tests so make sure you are well-hydrated a couple of days before.


Medichecks usually have an 'offer' every Thursday.


Amazing thank you very much


If you pay for your blood test get the one with TSH, T4, FT3, RT3 and antibodies OK?



It's hard to see how your FT4 can be optimal with TSH 4.63. What was your FT4 result and range? TSH 4.63 indicates you are undermedicated. Anxiety and irritability and nervousness can be due to undermedication as well as overmedication. Neck tenderness can be due to inflammation of the thyroid due to TSH flogging it to produce more T4.


Under medication can make us feel very anxious, don't necessarily assume it's over medication

Could be a Hashi flare perhaps


Only a T3 test will show if you are over medicated, but it doesn't look like you are judging from your TSH. A Hashi's flare can cause symptoms of anxiety, palpitations, nervousness, diarrhoea. This is when the antibodies attack the thyroid gland which releases thyroid hormones into the blood stream. Your sore neck could be an indication of this. Giving up gluten and dairy can be very helpful in controlling antibodies. The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is a lifestyle programme aimed at reducing symptoms and improving wellbeing. It addresses diet, lifestyle, stress and sleep management, environmental toxin reduction. There is a lot of good science behind it. These websites are worth a look: The Paleo Mom, Autoimmune Wellness, Phoenix Helix.


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