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Adrenal support and/or advice please


My saliva cortisol as follows without the figures

On waking. In range

Midday Over range

Afternoon In range

Bedtime Well over range


I want to support adrenals and hopefully get cortisol evened out, appreciate il work on meditation side of things and exercise, and not using I pad up until bedtime which is strongly recommended

Has anyone had this please and had successes?

also, I've spoken to Nutri today who have three products for this - one is from beef glandulars?

Would really appreciate any success stories to feel better from anxiety, even tinitus, and to get adrenals back into sync

J x

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I have high cortisol & my functional medicine doctor recommended Cortisolv, 1 pill 2x day. It's herbal.


Hi g2

Thankyou for reply

Are you in UK? Il try and read this up, mainly how are you finding it, have you felt improvement of symptoms? What is it aiming to do, calming?

I've read Dr Peatfield yesterday and he mentions a few ways and glandulars, I can see I'm in another venture as he specifically says not to take thyroid mess u til cortisol is sorted



Hi J,

I'm in the US. The first bottle was from my doctor. The second I ordered from myvillagegreen.com/. Wasn't easy to find online because it's one of those "professional formulas." Yes, it balances & calms the adrenals. Cortisolv works gently & slowly. I feel less jittery. Took about 6 weeks to feel a difference. If you can't get it in the UK, hope you can, perhaps you can find something with similar ingredients. I like that Cortisolv doesn't have risky fillers.


Thanks for this, it sounds up my street

I get blind panic moments out of the blue and waken in panic!

Just want the right product with complete safety. X

Good luck, what's in the ingredients?


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