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OMG I feel WELL... just for an hour or so. Does anyone else get flashes of feeling good?

So... given all the miseries I share here, I thought I should share a little bit of sunshine. ‘Cos I can :-D

Over the last 3 weeks - like just now - I have brief moments when I start to feel like ME. Like I’ve come out of anaesthesia, like the real me has been lost somewhere in a parallel universe, disconnected from the rest of my life, while the pain-filled Hashimoto’s me keeps hanging on, grimly, in the real world.

It's almost an ecstatic feeling. MySELF has been subteranean for so long with this blasted disease. Even an hour or so of feeling 60% well, instead of scudding along at 30%, feels A-MA-zing!! I get to step outside the prison cell, just for a short time.

Does anyone else get these crazy-I-feel-good moments, before sinking back into the morass? Could it be possible that I’m sputtering back into life?

Sending hope and good health to all, BBxxx

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I have been on meds now for 4 weeks just on week 5 and I so totally get what you mean :)

It is totally amazing to get those glimpses of the old me :)

Here's to us feeling 60% all the time and getting spurts of 100% and then getting back to 100% full time :)


Yes, I like your thinking Cracker! Those glimpses give us hope <3

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Yes yes yes. I will get lucky and have almost a full day of normalcy and then the next day I'm back down, hungover from Hashimoto's.

How long have you been on meds, and what is your current dosage?


Hi Thyroidrose, I’ve been on a range of meds over the last 20 months since diagnosis. First just T4 (Oroxine), then T4 and T3 (Tertroxin), then just T3, and for the last 3 1/2 weeks 2grains of NDT and 60mcg T3. I don’t think this is quite the right mix yet, but at least it’s an improvement on where I’ve been. What about you?


Hey there, I have been at it since April of this year, so 8 months. I have only tried T4, Tirosint to be exact. I started VERY low at 13 mcgs and have worked up to 88 now. I must admit things are better but I still wake up with the "hashimoto's hangover" as I like to call it, and that feeling waxes and wanes all day long.

It's weird that I still feel gross because my labs are starting to look good, my TSH is 1.2 and my frees are mid-range, although I know they should be higher. I am seeing a holistic MD next week to see if she can offer some insight.

What do your labs tend to do?


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