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Tips on choosing a new GP?

I need to change my GP.

What sort of questions should I ask to find out whether a new doc will be supportive of/interested in my thyroid issues, and will listen to me? Current doc treats off lab results only and refuses to even consider my symptoms. I’m also considering self medicating with NDT or maybe T3. Is there anything I should or shouldn’t say to a prospective GP to find out whether s/he would be supportive of this?

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It's a difficult one isn't it? I want to say stick a pin onto a list of local GPs and choose that one. My GP has become more educated about thyroid and is now supportive of me self-medicating, but still has her hands tied when it comes to T4 and T3 testing. They can't use their initiative any more, if they have any, but are more 'robotic target obsessives'. You could put a post up telling us where you live and see if anyone in that area has a good doctor. I am on the Wirral, btw if it's any help. If you click on your name at the top of this page you get a 'people near me' pin on the drop down menu. Have a look there and maybe send someone a message if they are nearby.

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Most GPs diagnose and treat thyroid according to blood test results, not symptoms, and not many GPs will say they are supportive of patients self medicating if asked.

NDT isn't licensed for UK use so GPs aren't trained in its use and many won't even know what the acronym means although they may know what Armour (the most famous natural dessicated thyroid brand).

You said you had private blood tests done recently. If you post the results and ranges I'm happy to interpret them.


I will post those results, thanks.


As Scazzoh said, you may as well stick a pin into a whole list of GPs within a 5 mile radius of where you live. They are all robotic these days sadly. Personally I have found youngish to late 40's female GPs are more willing to listen to me, are more compassionate and go as far as they are allowed to. But their hands are certainly tied. The only way I have recovered my own health is by reading, asking questions on this fab forum, and paying for two private tests (thyroid antibodies and the DIO2 gene test)

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