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Minor Hives, no real itching

Randomly, I have a small outbreak of what looks like hives. They don’t itch that much or in the larger areas, and they are very very feint. They’ve eased with an anti histamine but do come back dependant on time of day, my temperature etc.

However Ive also been really stressed lately and wondered if this is a random outbreak due to stress. Thyroid is slightly over active as I relapsed from not taking medication as religiously but I’ve been militant with taking it everyday now.

It’s mainly on the sides of my torso and back, nowhere else.

Doctor has said it’s not related to the medication (PTU) as my liver tests are normal.

Wondering if this is common with Graves when over active and or if it’s just random and will go away, had about 2 weeks properly.

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Hi Smokingwax, I have Graves too and had exactly the same probably about 6 weeks into taking Carbimazol I could have scratched my skin off !! I too took antihistamine and after a few weeks it seemed to stop.

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Glad yours is sorted. Mines come on during a time of stress as well so it probably all stacks up.

It’s so feint you can’t really see it, but I know it’s there and so far I’ve taken 1 tablet each day for 3 days and it’s not really removed it, but it does ease it.


I had itching as well, although it did clear up pretty quickly and antihistamines )I was taking them for hay fever anyway) helped a bit.

While my thyroid levels were above range, I definitely felt Graves symptoms back if I got over-tired. Better to avoid that if you can, but being hyperthyroid is a bit like being a Duracell bunny - you just feel compelled to rush around like the clappers until you drop !

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Yeah I definitely feel those symptoms while I’m overactive. I was forced to just deal with the symptoms when I reacted to Carbimazole and it wasn’t caught until I had medically induced hepatitis because of it so I came off all medication for a good 6 months. Since I took PTU I’d been euthyroid for a good year and something and only recently tipped over just a touch.

I think the stress of it all caused this rash as I can’t think of anything I’ve reacted too.

I hope it goes. Although I’m a touch of a worrier so I think about it constantly.


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