Hey I am hoping to get some help, I developed hives about a month ago, I have been put on antihistamines, steroid cream and tablets and I have also brought some stuff over the counter, nothing seems to be working.

I have high thyroid antibodies, thyrogloblin and peroxidase I was just wondering if this is a common thyroid problem and if anyone has any help for me to at least stop the itching.

I am on no medication for my thyroid my endo just stated that he can't medicate me until my levels go out and awaiting my immune system to kill of my thyroid.

I am not sleeping because of this and feel so dirty and low, I would appreciate any help if anyone knows any way to aid this itching...thanks x


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  • If you have high thyroid antibodies, your Endo should have prescribed levothyroxine for you. If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article and I think question 5 you will see that if antibodies are high levo should be prescribed to 'nip things in the bud'. The article was by Dr Toft who was President of the British Thyroid Association.

    I am sorry you have itching at present and it must make you pretty ill.

    Get a copy of your thyroid blood test results, with the ranges and post them on a new question for comments.

  • Thank you...the high results was about a year ago, they may have gone higher, maybe I should think in getting a test again even if I go private, these doctors I am seeing has no clue, my thyroid levels last time was heading towards hypo also after many years of it swinging to hyper-hypo

    There is nothing I can apply that is helping this itching, he has ran blood tests but not sure what one's.

  • So you have hashimotos which means you swing hyper/hypo. Not pleasant. You should have been put on levo when antibodies were first detected.

    I don't know if this will be helpful.

  • Thank you I wish the doctor's/endo's knew what they was doing.

    The hives in a new thing to me and from researching it seems it can be linked to thyroid and the immune system, for nothing to be helping it what they have given me then they should be looking at other reason's, I should get my blood tests back tomorrow but wont be seeing him until the 29th so I have no clue what he will do but looks like I am going to have to suffer through christmas with this :(

  • Um, bedbugs? Any chance of something like that going on? Or some other pests in your home or at work? Fleas?

  • No flea's in the house and not sure on bed bugs, how would I check for them?

  • Bedbugs have increasingly become problematic since insecticide fogging is no longer used.

    They come out at night and bite. Some people are highly allergic to their bites. They are a problem even in 5 star hotels. My daughter brought some home from her residence at university. Fortunately she moved in with her boyfriend.... phew.

  • How would I sort it just as a precaution any idea?

  • Check the bedding for tiny blood spots.

    My daughter and her now husband hired a guy with a bedbug sniffing dog. This dog exactly detected where the bedbugs were (sofa and bed). The place was treated and the guy came back to doublecheck with his dog.

    Google information on bedbug bites and see if these look anything like what you are experiencing.

  • I am hypo and had a bout of hives this year which lasted over 3 months. I was given all the same meds as you to treat it but nothing worked and finally it seemed to burn itself out and fade away.

  • I really hope this hurries and fades don't know how much more I can take x

  • just had my blood results back!

    blood glucose 6.2

    igE 12.2 (0-165)

    serum c reactive protein 1mg/L

    serum gamma-glutamyl transferase 13 (0-35)

    serum albumin 48 g/L

    serum alanine aminotransferase 18 (0-40)

    serum alkaline phosphatase 87 (25-92)

    serum billrubin 8 umol/L

    haemoglobin A1c level-IFCC standarised 31 mmol/L

  • You have an Autoimmune Disease and Hives, Rashes are common with that. In a sense, we have a problem with our immune systems, not our actual Thyroid Gland, if that makes sense. This is more complicated than just Low Thyroid, although, doctors won't tell you that. I have Hashi's too and have had all kinds of skin problems and am constantly ill. You do not have to have antibodies testing done ever again, actually. The amount of antibodies, doesn't show how ill you are or how destroyed your thyroid is. Some people with high antibodies have no symptoms, some people have lower antibody levels, because their immune system is too far gone to make high numbers and they are quite ill. I think that is where i fall in. Getting on Thyroid meds, for many, lowers antibody levels and helps symptoms. You need to find a new doctor.

  • I find that comment interesting faith63. I have had hypo now for nigh on 20 years and recently had tests as usual and my antibodies came up 4. When I queried this with my Endo he said it was nothing. Yet I have spoken to a doctor online that is well versed on Thyroid and has written books and has told me that this is not true, and that even 4 is showing some antibodies. I am very tired and do not feel well and I certainly will be looking into it.

  • marmaris..I am so glad that you find my post helpful! I read that info, about anti bodies from Chris Kesslers website. My antibodies were in the 500's and now the 80's and i feel ill. Also, doctors will tell you that the symptoms from Hashi's are just from low Thyroid, but that its just not true! Have you ever felt back to your normal self? Hashimotos increases the level of inflammation in the entire body, which causes issues for many. I look puffy in my eyes and my weight is too high for someone who can barely eat, for all these years. I cannot pinch my is too thick, which is Myxedema or just inflammation. I have been on every type of thyroid med, found that i was not converting, went to t3 only and although i lost some weight and swelling, i am still ill, otherwise. I found i was sensitive to Milk, stopped that and i can now digest my food better. I had long episodes of Gastroparesis, which has stopped, thank goodness, it was terrible! Never lost a single pound, while living on liquids for weeks at at Time! It seems the Hashi's keeps thyroid meds from getting to the cells properly. Even t3 won't get there, like it should.. for me, yet i can't raise my dose due to hyper symptoms, low creatnine, high blood sugar and liver enzymes becoming elevated from the overdose. But, some people do well on their meds..i never did. I guess i am one of the unlucky ones in that regard. My case is severe, i guess. The only way for me to get better is to stop the autoimmune response and put it into remission, somehow. I have been on ldn and i think it makes me depressed. I will try some Reservatol and Omega 3, Curcumin, to help the inflammation and see what happens. Selenium has not helped..3 years, 200mgs daily.

  • I also got hives when I started taking T3, I was advised to cut out caffeine which worked. but being hypo really need my morning coffee, so I take antihistamines instead.

  • Get your kidney function checked. My hives was caused by protein urea which was leaking through my skin having not been successfully processed by my kidneys. Miserable beyond understanding with bleeding hands and feet. My GP was awesome and referred me to a renal specialist who performed a kidney biopsy and lupus nephritis diagnosed. Now my lupus is well managed I rarely have this anymore and when I do I know my levels need checking as I have kidney disease level 3 and 5. So nothing to do with my hypothyroidism. And Timodene was the only thing that helped the itching and being in sunlight aggravates it. Go and seek help you have my sympathy no one really understands that it stops sleep.

  • This is good point Trudes. I would suspect kidney function, more than anything. When you become sensitive suddenly and without warning, it's generally (in my experience) to do with kidney function, particularly the adrenals. Adrenals help keep our bodies free of inflammation and if the kidneys and therefore adrenals are low in function, then inflammation of all sorts will raise its head. Our bodies are constantly fighting inflammation all the time, without us knowing it. I know when my adrenal function has dipped, i get severe rhinitis, or asthma, conjunctivitis or acne.

  • One doctor that was interviewed on the leaky gut summit recently said that leaky gut could cause thyroid problems. Hives can be caused by slow diamine enzyme activity. These enzymes work in the gut as well as in the blood so I am wondering if you could have this problem. You might want to try a low histamine food diet to see if it helps. There are plenty of food lists on the internet but here's one that came up.

    Hope you get some answers soon.

    Mainstream medicine is not clued up about any of this so you would need to find a functional medicine doctor or naturopath to get tested or to help you.

  • HI. My husband is going through the same thing as you with Hives and he does not have a thyroid problem. Doc thinks it's stress-related and so do I.

    Apparently you can get it from being over-stressed. He also takes anti-histamine, which helps a bit. the hives usually appear in the morning ( or have come out during the night).

    At first I thought it was insect bites, but when they started merging into large red areas I knew it was hives ( am an ex nurse ). Hope this helps. If you think it is due to stress maybe try reflexology, or massage or something else to calm things down.

    I too have antibodies and Hashimotos so make sure you are taking Selenium. I also take NDT. Levo was useless as I cannot convert the T4 to T3 so I got more and more sick. Good luck.

  • Please see my reply that i just added I believe it will help solve your husbands hives problem too.

    All the best

    Maggie Rhodes

  • Thanks. Will check it out.

  • Four years ago I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria by immunologist. Before that I suffered with hives for several months but my GP did nothing until it caused facial and throat swelling (couldn't breath or open my eyes) and I ended up in A&E. I became hypo six years ago after I received radioactive iodine treatment for my uncontrollable Graves disease. Since then I developed the whole bunch of conditions but all the GPs told me that it's all due to excessive stress and they kept insisting on treating my 'depression'. After doing a lot of research I realised that most likely I just don't get on with levothyroxine and started self treatment with T3. It's been almost a year now since I added T3 and all my problems, litterally ALL of them are gone, including hives. I stopped taking antihistamines back in June and still haven't taken them since. Before that, I wouldn't go a single day without medication and if I'd miss a pill, the next day I'd be covered in hives.

    I'm not promoting T3 or saying that you need to start taking it but I thought I'll just share my experience as I really feel your pain and know how unbearable it can be. Change as many GPs as you can and you'll find one that will able to talk to you. I personally saw 8 or 9 of them :)

    P.S. I'm no longer self treating with T3 - my health improved so tremendously while taking it that my endo had no choice but prescribed it.

    Good luck for you.

  • Waiting for your antibodies to destroy your thyroid is utterly daft?! You will get very ill along the way to that. And the rashes are a is the insomnia. (I doubt you've got insects infestations, also daft?) Can you find someone else in the NHS in your area?? Good Luck.

  • Well i hope this reply will solve your hives problem. I too have underactive thyroid about 5 yrs ago i started to suffer from hive outbreaks mainly on my face and chest no creams or anti histamines helped. I did my own research and have found not one but two solutions. Firstly Cats Claw herb is amazing, i buy the Swansons brand from the internet, it can upset your stomach to start with but stick with it as your body will adjust, and it has so many health benefits too. The other herb i buy to swop and change to from time to time is "Herbs Forever" Blood Cleanser. These have changed my life. I hope they do the same for you.


    Maggie Rhodes

  • Thank you I will have to get some and try it, anything is worth a go x

  • These herbs have made my life normal again!! Good Luck!

  • How long before you seen a difference with it? and where do I get the herbs for life please?

  • Please also note that there is an autoimmune liver condition called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis which causes terrible itching and is caused by the immune system attacking the bile ducts in liver and causing bile to build up in the body which causes intense itching. Please get Liver Function Blood Tests. I also have an underactive thyroid too! X

  • Please also note that there is an autoimmune liver condition called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis which causes terrible itching and is caused by the immune system attacking the bile ducts in liver and causing bile to build up in the body which causes intense itching. Please get Liver Function Blood Tests. I also have an underactive thyroid too! X

  • About 4 months ago I got hives so bad I had huge welts all over my body and was absolutely going crazy with the itching. I can't imagine how you must be feeling, to have put up with this for so long. There is a "pack" your doctor can prescribe, of oral steroids that you take in declining doses. On day 1 you take 5, day two you take four, day 3 you take 3 etc. By the end of day 1 I had some relief and by the end of day two the hives were gone, though I finished the entire course. A few side effects... Steroids can kind of get you wired and you feel like you can conquer the world. Then when you go off them you can go stupid and be a total air head for about 10 days. It was worth every stupid moment to banish the welts and horrible itching.

    You need to think hard to discover what gave you the hives. Have you changed any personal care products, washing detergent, fabric softener, perfume, etc? For me, believe it or not, it was magnesium salts I used to soothe sore muscles. I'll never touch that stuff again.

    As for your thyroid. Based on what you've said, your endo sounds old school. I think you should switch to a more proactive doctor. If you have Hashimoto's you need to know right away and not be forced to take a passive approach.

  • Was your body hot around where the hives was? I'm asking cause I have hot spots on my skin, it burns and stinks aswell as itches

  • Hives are a response by your immune system that something is going on that it responds to by releasing histamine. Dairy can be a contributor to hives and other skin conditions, have you considered a dairy free diet? I would also recommend a gluten free diet to help dampen the immune response.

    Another thing to consider is hormones, I've been made aware recently of individuals having the pill injection/implants and suffering with hives soon after.

    I would suggest that you consider looking at reducing inflammation within your body. I think I read one of the replies to you that mentioned turmeric, absolutely amongst other things too.

    Good luck :)

  • Hi. Itching on skin: 1. Get some haemmaroid ointment from the chemist. Piles cause itching and there is something in it that stops this. Zinc maybe? Don't, of course put it on your eyes.

    2. Use castor oil on the skin. You can usually get this from the independent chemists/Asian. Very rarely, some people are allergic to castor oil and the result would be, for them.......hives! As I said though, rare.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks it seems to have died down a bit I actually started using bicarbonates soda in my baths it helped a great deal, when you say cream for piles do you mean anousal

  • Yes, Boots does one which is just as good and is cheaper.

    It is their own brand of haemorrhoid ointment in a blue tube.

    The castor oil is c.£3.99.

  • Very strong link between Hashimoto's disease and hives, both autoimmune problems that also may be linked to stress:

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