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I love you - part 2

This is a different one. My weak legs did not allow me to go for bike rides for 2 years. When I was little, my dad taught me how to ride a bike. I miss those days so much. Love you dad!!! XX

“Off you go”, said dad. “I was on a slanted surface of yellowed grass leading to the brown wooden gate on the edge of the field. This was my finish line, my target. I had to make it up to the gate without falling once. There were long plants of maize on either side of the path. Although my legs were paddling slowly on the slope, my eyes were looking for the gate that was somewhere at the end of this roofless tunnel. The gate, that I had an idea of which way it was, was obscured by the long plants that made it feel like as if it was on another planet. The zigzag path also made me lose the sense of direction while trying to maintain a balance.”

“I preferred it when dad ran behind me holding the tiny carrier on the back. It made me feel so much safer. As soon as dad announced of him letting me go, I was in an entirely different World. I was not even the same me. I was overwhelmed with mixed feelings of fear and excitement. It was not a very long stretch but felt like miles, particularly when the corner of my eyes caught the glimpses of several narrower paths to the left and right, similar to the one I was on.”

“Was it maize or a maze?”

“After many attempts, I made it to the gate. The gate was welcoming. The gate was made of two wooden planks. One was bigger than the other. The bigger plank of the two; was dangling erratically to the ground from weight disproportionate to the strength of the hinges and must have drawn an arc through the soft surface of the ground while being dragged from closed position to open.”

“I crossed the gate, out of the field and onto the wider village road. I was no longer fearful. I forgot about dad. He waited for me in the field at my starting point. He probably knew that I got carried away with my newly found success. I was a rider now. Dad looked forward to this moment for some time so we could both go for a bike ride together.”

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Thanks for your nice 'growing up and going forward confidently alone'.


Thank you Shaws

Although my confidence is not all that great at the minute 😁

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